Strawtec - the affordable solution for developers and investors

Strawtec Affordable Housing Solutions

With a production capacity of approximately 2,000 modular dwelling units per annum, Strawtec offers developers and investors solutions for all typologies, including single family homes and apartments.

Strawtec’s construction solutions considerably reduce project costs and project risk due to:

A controlled production environment leading to consistently high quality materials
- Reductions in construction time based on ease of assembly at the construction site
Reductions in the dimensions of the loadbearing structure, including foundations
Substantial savings in financing costs
- Reduced supply chain risk due to use of locally produced materials
Use of a green, low carbon building technology
Fast time to market

Designed by Zero Carbon Designs Ltd, these housing solutions are optimized for the Strawtec modular system and made to meet the demands of the local market.

Strawtec offers the turnkey delivery of housing units with a variety of extras and finishings according to the budget requirements.

Single Family Homes

Single and double-storey family homes offer flexible and adaptable living space. Building a Strawtec modular house on an existing foundation can be done in a matter of days. The time for the fit-out and finishes depends on the standard selected.

Strawtec walls, floor slab and ceiling.

A model house can be viewed at the Strawtec factory in the Kigali Special Economic Zone.


To achieve a high-density development, apartment blocks are the only choice.

Strawtec affordable apartments.

Strawtec’s fast and cost effective multi-storey apartment solution is based on a lightweight metal structure in combination with Strawtec floor slabs, partitions and facade in-fills.

All Strawtec modules, windows, doors and the light-weight metal structures are made in Kigali and meet high quality standards.

Using Strawtec in the context of a more traditional reinforced concrete skeleton also leads to an overall cost, construction time and project risk reduction.

Strawtec Partitioning Solutions

Strawtec’s self-supporting wall systems deliver an exceptional combination of high performance properties, fast and flexible construction, materials used in Rwanda, Strawtec provides a significantly faster and more cost-effective solution.

Fast installation.

Space Saving

With a width of just 58mm, Strawtec allows developers and investors to optimize the available floor space for their project. Put into context, the installation of Strawtec as an alternative to cement blocks will add up to 5% in usable floor space by reducing the thickness of the walls.


The paint-ready surface of Strawtec modules ensures the easy application of standard finishings such as primer (for waterproofing), paint, plaster and tiles, resulting in good quality, durable internal finishes.

For ultimate flexibility, Strawtec offers ready-laminated panels fitted with aluminium profiles for partitioning in offices and shopping centres, combining extremely fast construction times, a durable finish and a wall that can be easily demounted and re-position.

Customized Solutions

Strawtec also offers customized solutions for enhanced soundproofing and bulletproofing, typically used in hotels and high-end commercial buildings.

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