Solutions to African problems are within


RE: “Resetting the Africa-Europe relationship” (The New Times, December 7).

Unfortunately the author completely ignores the fact that centuries-old trauma inflicted upon our people and lands by Europe can’t just be wiped off by a mere opening of European doors to our youth fleeing famine, wars, genocides instigated and sponsored by the West to pillage more resources.

You don’t fix the wrongs of the past by sitting at the same table with your perpetual oppressor to discuss “better” and “healthier” ways of dealing with said wrongs.

That’s akin to asking a rape survivor to sit down and not only forgive her/his perpetual abuser BUT also come up with ways to continue having an intimate (or otherwise) relationship with her/his taunting abuser.

Africans need to first look within to heal and find viable solutions to their suffocating issues.

Serial rapists/abusers are never benevolent. Stop buying into this dreadful myth that Africa and Europe can have a healthy future if we fail to deal with past and current wounds. Plan Marshall or not!

Ali Rukariza