Should pupils engage in school work during holidays? Pupils share their ideas

Holidays are a good time to reflect on school work since the student gets enough time to honestly look at their academic development. This is because some students find it challenging to do good revision at school in the presence of their friends. Revising in holidays also helps us not to forget what we studied earlier, and thus keeps us updated.

Yvonne Kazakh, 11 years old


I think the main purpose of the holiday is to help us relax and refresh our mind so as to be more productive going forward. It’s a good time to create an academic link between the student with one’s parents, siblings or tutors. Since they are at home, a student gets a chance to get assistance from everyone at home. And this eventually leads to more knowledge and skills.

Sharif Ntwari, 12 years old


Though homework is productive, I suggest it shouldn’t be a burden to a student during holidays. On the other hand, homework remains a good reminder to a student that academics should stay as the priority even while away from school. Besides, having study assignments to do at home helps students not to engage in unproductive activities which might compromise their academic focus.

Emmy Tuyishimire, 14 years old


While a holiday is time to spend time with family and friends it’s equally important to go through your school work. I think it provides us as students an opportunity to measure our performance and get assistance from siblings and parents where we don’t understand.

Damul Niyonkuru, 13 years old