Kwibuka 24: Celebrities send messages of solidarity

As Rwandans across the world commemorate the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi for the 24th time, local celebrities have sent out messages of solidarity with Rwandans especially the survivors The New Times spoke to.

Below are the messages shared by the celebrities reached out to by The New Times:

Mani Martin, artiste:

As we remember the Genocide against Tutsi we should fight against any kind of discrimination against humanity, we all were brought to this world to make it a better place; that begins by each one of us looking in the mirror and changing something about ourselves.

If you habour hate against somebody because of their religious belief, culture, or ethnic group, race or anything, then you can never be a part of the change.

First change yourself then the rest will follow, we were not created to be homogeneous in life, we are like a flower garden; it is made beautiful by different varieties of flowers and that’s what makes it beautiful and attractive.

Same applies to human beings on this globe, our diversity or differences should be looked at as our strength and this is what makes us more beautiful and attractive to each other and to our creator.

Yvan Buravan, artiste

Let’s stay strong as we commemorate the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, work and walk hand in hand so that we never be defined by our past but instead by our remarkable recovery.

Lillian Iradukunda (Miss Rwanda 2018)

The message I have for Rwandans, is to be strong during the commemoration period.

Let’s remember and protect what we have achieved so far in our country’s continued rebuilding process and avoid whichever can cause divisionism among Rwandans again. Never Again!

Jean de Dieu Ntabanganyimana (Jay Rwanda) - Mister Africa 2017

My message to fellow Rwandans is simple; stay strong, be united and stand tight so it [genocide] never not happens again. Instead, we need to look ahead and build a bright future for our country and its young generation.

Arthur Nkusi, Comedian

We the young generation, who are the country’s future leaders, should learn from our history and make sure it never repeats itself.

Rwandans, in general, need to be strong, unite and live in peace; that is a way we can make Rwanda grow and develop it to be a better nation.

Nina Muhoza (of Charly na Nina), artiste

My message to all Rwandans is to be strong in these tough times when we remember our families and friends that we lost and keep building our country and make it safe for all.


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