Want to look simple yet stylish? Here is how to go about it

Keeping a simple and effortless style is all about knowing how to choose your outfit to look stunning.

Designers say choosing an outfit appropriate for the occasion, is the way to go.


Anita Ntusarare, a budding fashion designer in Biryogo market in Nyamirambo says it’s common for women to try hard to look good when it comes to fashion.


She says that if you are not a trendy person, looking for something that you think will make you comfortable and have confidence is important.


“If you go for something simple yet classic, rather than trend-led, you’ll be able to wear it again and again, and most importantly, you will never feel like you have the same look often,” she says.

However, she advises that one shouldn’t buy something similar to what you already own, if they want to look stylish and simple.

“You don’t need a lot to look good. What you do need though, is to make good, sensible decisions. Buy what you need, what makes you feel great and hold on to nothing more,” she advises.

 Look simple and stylish in these attires

Ntusarare says whether paired with jeans or sleek tailored trousers, a white shirt is a versatile attire and one can pair it with almost everything and so it should be a must have in every lady’s wardrobe.

She also says that every woman should at least own a handbag; whether small or big, depending on one’s preference, a handbag is always perfect for both work and other occasions, and will help make any simple look more stylish.

A black outfit, according to her, is timeless and suits everyone. A black dress also, is the most versatile piece in any woman’s wardrobe, which will require less effort but still one comes out elegant.

A watch, she says is simple but with any outfit, this is an amazing finishing touch any one will long for.

Finally, Ntusarare says one shouldn’t forget a jacket. It can be either teamed with jeans and a T-shirt or thrown over on a dress.




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