Look simple and chic in a free dress

Your outfit should be able to fully express your mood, even if you are thousands of miles away from home. One of these which can guarantee this is a free dress.

Every woman deserves to be special and beautiful, and when they opt for this kind of dress, apart from being assured of that, they can never go wrong.


According to designers, free dresses call for relatively few accessory pieces, and should be worn with ease.


Marie Ann Ingabire, a Kigali based fashion designer says the good thing about opting for a free dress is that one can pull them out of their wardrobe, throw them on, add a few accessories, and be ready to go.


She says that they are incredible and always look fresh on everyone, despite their shape, size and skin tone. She adds that there are various options, ranging from max, short, and flare, to free round knee length dress.

“Fashion is all about making a statement and creating a well defined look, and no other outfit does that quite like a free dress,” she says.

Depending on the free dress one has opted for, she says pairing them with other clothes and accessories is always achievable.

She says for instance, for a short or knee length rounded dress, they can go well with big hoop earrings and knee high boots, especially if it’s a night out.

Leggings and sneakers can also work if one is heading for a casual occasion.

“If the dress is too short however, for those who don’t like exposing too much skin, I think adding thick leggings or even tights underneath, is ideal,” she says.

This she says makes an illusion that the dress is a bit longer. Also, one can add a denim jacket over the dress, especially if the dress is sleeveless.

Depending on the type of dress, putting on a jacket can make the dress look like a long shirt, which is still fashionable and stylish.


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