Advice for women from the ‘men’s conference’

So apparently the ‘Men’s Conference’ happened on or around Valentine’s Day. How did churches and organisations choose Feb and around 14th to hold the men’s conference? It started off like a joke as a way of discouraging women from making demands or expecting anything on that day.

Men on social media would be seen summoning fellow men, sometimes imaginary venues were indicated. This year even had memes of men holding the microphone and quotes.


At one of the conferences, the men discussed what they wanted of their women and a caring brother did a voice note sharing with us what the men thought we should do for a peaceful co-existence.


Do women still leave their personal items at men’s homes? The last I checked tables had turned and it was men sleeping over at their girlfriend’s place and leaving stuff. Maybe the men that attended the conference have no idea what their fellow men are doing. Their advice to us is that we should not leave our clothes behind because we are many people visiting that same house and there is no need to hurt one another. How thoughtful!


The men also want us to support them if and when they cheat on us; that left me wondering what kind of support we should render the cheating folk. Should we give them airtime to call the ‘side piece’, are we supposed to book a room for them and lay the bed, do they want us to host the ‘side piece’ and prepare a meal for them?

Never stay in an abusive relationship; the men agreed that some of them do misbehave and are violent but they left the venue with one message, no woman should stay in an abusive relationship. If he is violent he does not deserve you.

Another interesting thing the men advised us to do is to have a secret account. Ladies, I am sure you have heard that from fellow women, but aren’t you surprised that the men are encouraging us to do that? Are you suspicious like I am? How sure are we they will not use that against us in future?

There are men that love to inquire about exes, they will need even the exact number. From this year’s conference the men discussed that issue and decided they can accommodate the number two. From now on, if your guy asks you how many people you have dated say only two. They are somehow comfortable being number three.

It was also said a man who does not enlarge a woman’s territory should not be allowed to enlarge her territory, basically be with a man who adds value — one who makes you a better person in all aspects.

Another request from the men is a bit tricky, that when they take us to a romantic place we should pretend we have never been there, that will be hard for some noisy people because while you are busy pretending, the waiter will ask whether you want your usual corner and usual drink.

Lastly, no man gets stolen! The men want us to know and live with the fact that a man chooses where he wants to be. Never accuse a fellow woman of stealing your man. That is used by people who want to turn us against each other.

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