Inanga artiste Esther Niyifasha pays tribute to women in her maiden song

Niyifasha performs inanga after an interview with The New Times on Monday afternoon. / Dan Nsengiyumva.

Esther Niyifasha, 20, is fast becoming a popular female Inanga player, following in the footsteps of Sofia Nzayisenga. Inanga is classified as a ‘trough-zither’ after the shape it assumes- a flat soundboard with slightly concave sides.

Although she is mostly known for her performances at concerts and other shows, Niyifasha until recently did not have a song to her name since she started performing in public events two years ago.

But she finally released her first single on March 7, eve of this year’s International Women’s Day. The video is titled, ‘Urashoboye’, loosely translated as ‘You are Able.’

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