Rwanda to debut at World Chanbara Championship

RWANDA will for the first time take part in World Chanbara Championship that takes place in December in Tokyo, Japan.

Benjamin Nyirimbabazi, who heads the Rwanda Chanbara Federation, confirmed the development to Times Sport yesterday.

Chanbara is the latest entrant into the Rwanda sports fraternity, and according to Nyirimbabazi, the aim is to make the sport popular and spread it to all parts of the country.

Sports Chanbara is a lively, low impact free-fencing sport that inculcates the spirit, grace and discipline of traditional swordsmanship, incorporating air-soft padded training weapons.

It was first introduced in Rwanda in 2013 by Japanese Sensei Tsutomu Takahashi, the Chanbara federation now counts over 300 players of which, 30 are black belt holders. Nyirimbabazi is the country’s highest ranked practitioner with a black belt.

“We will be debuting at the World Championships this year, starting with the 43rd edition in December, in Tokyo – Japan. Because of limited means, we will have two representatives but we hope the number will keep getting bigger with time,” Nyirimbabazi said.

When asked how the two players will be selected, he explained, “The federation is going to organize a series of local competitions before the world championship, the best two players will represent the country.”

There are five Chanbara clubs in the country currently which include: Samurai Sports Chanbara Club, Susanoo Sports Chanbara Club, United Sports Chanbara Club, Katana Sports Chanbara Club and Bishamon Sports Chanbara Club.

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