Rugby body to review its constitution

Only three out of eight teams in the national rugby league have legal status certified by Rwanda Governance Board. File photo.

The national rugby federation (RRF) has announced that the executive committee will review the body’s constitution during their upcoming general assembly scheduled for November 25 at Amahoro stadium.

Tharcise Kamanda, RRF secretary general, has revealed that one of the items to be discussed is the handling of member clubs without legal status issued by Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) as well as reviewing the term limits for the executive committee members.

“Only Lion de Fer, Puma, and Muhanga Thunder rugby clubs, out of eight league teams, have permanent legal status from RGB, the rest operate on a temporary basis,” he noted.

The other issues on the agenda include, deliberating on the 2018 activity and financial reports as well as electing a new executive committee that is comprised of the president, vice president, secretary general, treasurer and two audit committee officials.

Kamanda also revealed that all members serving on the RRF executive committee are volunteers except the Chief Executive Officer who earns a monthly paycheck.