Open water swimming good for talent devt, says coach Ndoli

Swimmers during the 2018 edition of Muhazi Swimming Challenge. Courtesy

NATIONAL SWIMMING head coach Jimmy Ndoli has revealed that organising outdoor swimming competitions will help upcoming talent to improve their swimming techniques. 

The coach said that swimmers who practice and compete in lakes or rivers tend to acquire a certain technique that’s natural.

“If a swimmer wishes to become a professional they need to train in open water to gain the techniques that are also helpful while contesting in pools,” he added.

Last year, the national swimming body introduced swimming events in open waters (lakes and rivers).

Ndoli said open water swimming helps upcoming youngsters to improve physically and mentally.

Swimming federation president Samuel Kinimba Ufitimana has promised that this year more competitions will be held open water venues.

“We want to have more professionals that can win more medals when they represent Rwanda at the international level by the end of the year,” he added.


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