The Forbidden Question

Gahima Returns Home

 The first stop over was at Kayonza. As he looked around, he luckily saw his former classmate. “James!” he called out. “Hi man!” “I am fine, is my mother okay?”

“She is fine, but she misses you. We were told that you died,” he said.

“What happened to your arm?” James asked.” It is a long story. Get a taxi and find me at home,” Gahima said.

The car pulled out and within a few minutes Gahima had reached Kawangire trading centre.

Most people who knew him left the bars and shops to welcome him.

A man called François carried him on the shoulders up to the old woman’s home. A crowd of villagers followed him. All the neighbours came to the widow’s home.  

When widow Mukantabana saw his son, she gave a cry of joy. For the moment she failed to talk. “Ga…, Gahi…iima are you the one I am seeing!” Muka exclaimed.

Gahima gave Frw20, 000 to the elders to buy urwagwa (local brew) and sodas. Muka also offered the visitors three goats to make nyama choma (roasted goat meat).

The villagers drank as much as possible.

By midnight, they started singing and dancing in joy. They sang songs praising Gahima as a hero. He gave them more money to buy beer.

Then, they highly excited residents started giving speeches.