Avoid stress during pregnancy

The provision of counselling to pregnant women is one of the ways to not only curtail pregnant related diseases, but also save and fight miscarriage levels among them.

The provision of counselling to pregnant women is one of the ways to not only curtail pregnant related diseases, but also save and fight miscarriage levels among them.

It has been found that stress is one of the causes of pregnancy troubles and a majority of counsellors and midwives agree that stress can contribute to a bad outcome and for more long-term behavioural disorders if not careful.

Jolene Umutoni is a retired midwife and counsellor by profession and works with EASE WOMEN INTERNATIONAL based in the United States. She is currently volunteering in Rwanda to counsel expecting mothers and the HIV patients from both rural and urban areas.

Umutoni says that stress is a silent killer that if continued, can cause a brain torture to both the mother and the unborn child.

“A certain amount of stress is fairly common among pregnant women. Minor or fleeting stress is generally harmless. However, if you have severe anxiety or constant extreme stress, this can be dangerous for your baby “, says Umutoni”.

She goes on to say that high stress levels throughout pregnancy can result in premature labour. She advises that it’s important to learn to relieve stress for your sanity and your baby’s health and below is some of the recommends.

Advises on how to over come stress

Discuss with someone about your stress and see how it can help. Start with your husband or partner. He’s probably scared too.

He may have the same fears and fear for your health and safety as well. Sharing these fears can help you relieve stress and realize you aren’t alone in your worries.

Talking with your husband can bring you closer together and alleviate the fear that you will grow apart.

Talk to other pregnant women or new mothers. You’ll find that your pregnant friend or family member went through many of the same fears. This can be very helpful.

If you’re worried about the baby’s health, talk to your doctor for reassurance. Normal test results can often take care of this fear.

Worries about labour and delivery can be calmed by reading books or taking a child birth preparation class.

Get plenty of rest to reduce your stress level. Lack of sleep causes fatigue, which will add to anxiety and stress. If you aren’t working, take a nap during the day.

Mothers with small children can nap with the kids. If you work, rest your eyes and put your feet up during your lunch break.

Exercise can also help lessen stress levels. Go to the gym, take a walk or try swimming. Prenatal yoga is a relaxing workout that really helps my stress levels.

Call a local yoga studio or get a prenatal yoga DVD and work out at home. Always check with your doctor before starting any workout routine.

Observe your diet, especially when you are feeling stressed. Many women experience loss of appetite in response to anxiety.

This steals from your baby of needed nutrients. Focus on eating healthy foods. If you aren’t eating much during meals, fill in your diet with healthy snacks throughout the day.

Meditation can help relieve stress. Learn to meditate. This can actually help lower your blood pressure and heart rate. Deep breathing and relaxation exercises may also help.

This calms your nerves and helps you prepare for labour. Sit in a comfortable position and practice breathing deeply. Put your hands on your belly and feel the breathing in your abdomen.

Treat yourself to a trained massage. This will relieve stress and often takes care of the common aches and pains associated with pregnancy. Look for a massage therapist that has experience with pregnant women and you will do away with stress problems.

Obtain a look at your schedule to find the causes of stress. As women, we often over schedule our lives Work, children, cleaning, cooking and volunteer work take up all our time, leaving no time for relaxation. Write down all your activities in a typical week.

From this list, you can find a way to cut down on your activities. You’re most important job right now is to relax and grow a healthy baby.