21 Days of Y’ELLO CARE

Ecole (Remera) Primary School has all the reasons to smile because it witnessed a blessing from MTN.

Ecole (Remera) Primary School has all the reasons to smile because it witnessed a blessing from MTN.

MTN Rwanda family handed-over a new classroom block, designed, financed and raised from its foundation  by MTN staff in partnership with Fair Construction Company within a spell of 21 days.

The chief executive officer of MTN Themba Khumalo said that they believe that education is the most precious assert they can pass on to the future generation.

This conviction bonds well with Rwanda’s vision 2020 that seeks to transform this nation into a middle income country pegged on a skilled human resource base.

He said that the project is unique in nature. And in the sense that all the expenditures incurred during the course of construction of this classroom bloc was entirely money coming from the pockets of MTN Staff.

Therefore unlike in the past where MTN as a company foots bills of its community based activities, this very one was financed by individual contributions from each and every employee of MTN Rwanda.

Interestingly, in addition to their contributions, staff members participated physically in the construction work.

It has been a great and moving experience to see MTN staff (men) and women, folding their sleeves, lifting bricks, raising roofs, smashing stones and sweating profusely while carrying cement bags.

This important initiative of the MTN Group dubbed “21 DAYS OF Y’ELLO CARE” were aimed at positioning MTN as a good Corporate Citizen ensuring that staff members are able to participate in their respective community initiatives without adversely impacting the company’s day-to-day business operation.

They chose two important and exciting activities in the Education sector because they believe that the future of Rwanda’s economy lies in its human capital.

The new classroom has been transformed into a computer laboratory fully equipped with all requirements by Mobil Telecommunication Net work.

The chief executive officer also said that it has been a manifestation of MTN’s commitment to rendering a helping hand to the government’s long-term quest of turning Rwanda into an ICT hub for the region and Africa as a whole.

The minister of education d’Arc Mujawamariya thanked MTN for having put a smile on the mouth of Rwanda’s children. This means that by putting a smile on the children it automatically puts also a smile to the citizens.

She says that Rwanda should appreciate what MTN has done and the love they have shown.