Poem : Liberated

You think you do!You think you know me?That you know my roots?Well, that is a chuckle!I am not one of a kindNeither, one you will meet oftenI am that indefinableI am that captiveOne that broke hate’s bankAnd opened an account with peaceI am now liberatedTrue; I am liberated!

You think you do!
You think you know me?
That you know my roots?
Well, that is a chuckle!
I am not one of a kind
Neither, one you will meet often
I am that indefinable
I am that captive
One that broke hate’s bank
And opened an account with peace
I am now liberated
True; I am liberated!

Undeniably I am
Liberated from the customers of hatred
Set free from the managers of hate
Released from the odium executives
It’s no doubt I am liberated
I will speak before them
Dine a fine meal in front of them
For I expelled my fear
I will not wait a day
I will expose them
That’s what it means to be liberated
To be unfettered again
My only one weapon
An axiom I carry ‘Never Again’
For I am liberated.

I will sing Liberation songs
Because they hush my heart
They nurse my filthy images
Ones that replaced my mind 17 years back
I won’t look back
I will go on to buzz the liberation noise
I will scream to the brutes how free I am
How healthy I get by the day
How friendly I am with my neighbours
How dirt free I will stay
I shall continuously…
Build castles in their faces
Is that all?
No, it’s not…
Their menace of a wrath will rot in their hearts
As well as I and them
Will stay liberated.

Our pride will attack their wrath
Because we stay liberated
Their grimy actions will never find us again
‘Never Again!’
We shall scream liberation
Eat, drink and crave liberation
More so, walk and talk as proud liberators
I won’t be scared
I will preach liberation
For it rests my heart in the superior airs
I am nothing more
But a liberated, strong Rwandan
And, I will stay a liberated
Proud Rwandan





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