Would you take a lift from a stranger?

Hours standing by the roadside in anticipation for a passenger bus can sometimes become a headache. When a bus finally stops by, it has one seat left and passengers battle their way in. When public transport becomes a menace, several have turned to taking tempting lifts from kind strangers.  Here is word on the street on whether it is okay to accept a lift from a complete stranger.
L-R:Fils Clement Ndahiro; Justin Ndoli
L-R:Fils Clement Ndahiro; Justin Ndoli

 “I would ask for it provided it is the only chance to reach my home or my workplace during rush hours.”

Fils Clement Ndahiro, Project Coordinator of Akazi Kanozi Project.

“I don’t feel comfortable taking lifts from strangers but,
 may push me to jump into a stranger’s car.”

Justin Ndoli, Legal Officer, Rwanda Initiative for Sustainable Development.