Society Debate: Has women emancipation gone too far?

It is the drug for women hatersWhen God created woman from mans rib, he referred to her as “man’s helper” and not slave.

It is the drug for women haters
When God created woman from mans rib, he referred to her as “man’s helper” and not slave.

Woman’s companionship rates back to the story of creation--Eve’s time and the Bible doesn’t mention anywhere that, “Adam dominated over Eve, slapped her...blah, blah and blah; yet men today will rejoice for the slightest opportunity they get, to accuse women of misconduct, I quote “blame it on women empowerment.”

Men’s natural ego should never justify women empowerment. With all due respect, our male folks should embrace women empowerment in all spheres. Like its definition, women empowerment has done miracles in homes and played a significant role in building families and corporate entities.

Women empowerment refers to, ‘gender equality, where women and men enjoy the same opportunities, outcomes, rights and obligations in all spheres of life.’

Equality between men and women exists when both sexes are able to equally share in the distribution of power and influence; have equal opportunities for financial independence through work or through setting up businesses; enjoy equal access to education and the opportunity to develop personal ambitions.

And what’s wrong with enjoying equal rights and opportunities? Are men too scared that women will take over one day? Well, take heart, women are realistic and wise, they will always enjoy their rights but not at the expense of their family.

Women empowerment has done miracles in building families, organizations and the country at large. They say, ‘empower a woman and empower a nation.’ The fact that women are the mothers of the nation should give them the passport to enjoy equal rights, finances and posh jobs, just like the men.

For those who blame women empowerment for relationship breakups, why don’t you resolve your personal issues first. Before you blame your wife’s job for the divorce, don’t you think there is quite a big number of career spouses who are still together? In anycase, it’s the men to blame for the separation because of their routine complaints about their wife not doing ABC and D after work without consideration that they are equally tired.

This is a competent era where every little thing comes at a cost, so how will you ever get rich if you need an ancient lady who has no qualifications and will only sit and wait for the husband to provide for all her needs? With all due respect, all men who are still living in the Stone Age should kindly purchase time machines and fly back in time.

Men and women alike should realize that their families will only develop when they share home and financial responsibilities equally.

History has it that the African traditional society discriminated against women. Certain dishes, a public opinion, education, etc were all an omission for women. So should it be the same, even with all this modernity? Should a girl be beaten up by her parents, teachers at school and in even in her marriage, in the name of being submissive—Christ!

There is no worse form of slavery like underrating women yet they have the capacity to deliver…and deliver well at that.

You will also reason with me that women are more lenient and ethical than men, be it in homes or places of work. It is the men who mostly get involved with househelps, embezzle funds at work or even fail to cope up with taking responsibility for their own kids.

I am not ruling out the fact that some women are also awful, but men are sometimes appalling.

And don’t be deceived, the starting point of a family has to be love. Earning more cannot be ground for a woman to despise the man she loves. The problem only comes in when the man starts demanding for so much that is beyond his beloved’s ability.

Giving Rwanda as an example, truly we have seen women who have balanced their official duties and families perfectly well. All those Women in Parliament, Ministers and CEO’s are happily married and happily working.

Men get over yourselves and let your women help you out. Your pride will not put food on the table.