Fm radio stations at the peak in boosting celebrities’ lives

Are you an upcoming celebrity or already a celebrity? Try the FM radio stations and give yourself a plus in your specific area. Remember it does not matter whether how many have tried and failed, yours is the first trial.

Are you an upcoming celebrity or already a celebrity? Try the FM radio stations and give yourself a plus in your specific area. Remember it does not matter whether how many have tried and failed, yours is the first trial.

There are various things that Fm radio stations do among them boosting celebrities lives, sometimes they do it consciously or unconscious.

Most times celebrities have to toil to meet their needs and boost their fame. After this stage the celebrities can then get a chance to have their work played in radio stations.

The Fm radio stations are known for playing variety of music in their programs, promoting celebrities’ albums, interviewing artists and comedians and even promoting them.

Once a song by a given artist is played in a given studio the listeners get to know much about them hence boosting their popularity, and incase of a performance the radio stations take the initiative of advertising hence attracting a number of fans.

Any work of a celebrity can be presented by an FM station depending on their quality, according to Mr. Bin, a Radio Ten presenter in Kigali “we help much in boosting the lives of celebrities especially through music, however we consider their quality, we cannot just play any music from any artist without approving of its quality, we always ask an artist to briefly give us his/her background, the number of times he/she has produced and again check the quality of their music through listening.

By doing so we will be promoting them by first enabling them improve on the quality of music they produce in terms on message, voice and rhythm quality and by promoting their music and lives by playing and giving good comments to listeners on their music.

But if we do not check the quality and just play any music listeners will keep on switching from one radio station to another in search of good music”

The concept of radio broadcasting might have changed over the years but it has definitely changed for better. The new version of the good old radio is here. T
he FM Radio is perhaps a very popular form of broadcasting for many celebrities who prefer their music with a pinch of interesting comments and pep talk from the Radio show hosts.

In an age that boast of online music sharing portals and funky iPods, the FM radio has definitely brought back the era of radio-lovers and promotions.

The FM Radio stations enhance the experience of celebrities by reaching out to the audience with innovative show formats. Some of the features of FM Radio that are popular with radio listeners are as follows:

Most of the FM Radio stations have at least one call-in-show where the listeners can call and interact with the Radio show hosts or the Radio jockeys.

The hosts often indulge in a short tête-à-tête with the caller and move on to find whether the caller wants to request a particular song to be played from a given celebrity. Song requests and dedications to loved ones are till date a very popular concept with many radio-lovers.

Advice shows:
Radio shows that provide advice about love or life in general are a major hit with the audience. Often when celebrities do not have anyone to share their problems, they can turn to their FM stations for advice and comfort as well.

Discussing love problems and providing advice about relationships and marriages is a very popular trend on FM Radio stations.

Public Polls:
Many FM Radio stations have regular public polls for listeners where the listeners can participate in the poll either by calling, using the short messaging services or nowadays even through websites.

The subjects for these polls are either social issues or some fun topics, which the listeners can talk about.

Contests and Freebies:
FM Radio stations also host a number of contests, which allow listeners and celebrities to participate and win gifts and prizes.

The freebies that are given away include a wide range of items like gift vouchers, a chance to perform, music CDs, and so on.

A lot of FM channels often bank on celebrity guests on their shows to draw increased attention from the listeners.

Celebrity quotes aired between the shows are also very common on FM radio stations. At times the celebrities are also invited to promote their movies or music albums on air as a part of marketing campaigns.

The FM Radio has also given rise to a rare breed of funky radio show hosts popularly called the RJs or the Radio Jockeys. Radio jockeys are celebrities who host the radio shows and brew a new flavor of music for their audience everyday…Generally the FM radio stations boosts to a greater extend the lives of celebrities in various aspects.