The man of Rwanda

As a young man in the DiasporaThinking of how he would return home Searching of how he could implement plansTo start a struggle to save RwandansAnd bring them to their mother land.

As a young man in the Diaspora
Thinking of how he would return home
Searching of how he could implement plans
To start a struggle to save Rwandans
And bring them to their mother land.
Too many challenges but all in all
They didn’t let him down,
Diaspora’s waiting for his action
To bring us to our beloved nation,
As everything with a start has an end
He successfully defeated the dictators,
And the Rwandans came to their land.
Reaching the land of milk and honey
The man didn’t stop, because
Coming to his home land gave him
A profound chance to build it.
As he became the agent of change
In the politics of our beautiful nation.
Change occurs in different phases,
For he provided great positive changes
He is as focused as a laser,
On the development of our nation.
Strengthened accountability,
at all levels of leadership in our nation
This led to the tremendous
Change in eluding of corruption and
Opting for honesty in Rwanda.
As a man of wisdom from God
Empowered freedom in every realm
He is the man of all Rwandans,
For he has enabled all Rwandans
To feel the togetherness that
We had lacked many years before he came.
 He has led to unity and reconciliation
He has done all the best to improve
That every Rwandan is able to study.
No doubt that our country though
Small, will be the light of Africa.
The man who figured out
The vision of our nation and
Made it a reality for a better visualization,
That every one desires and wishes to see.
If you want proof of  prominent people
Who succeed from nothing to something
See the man of our fabulous nation.
Who can’t tell his mission?
Of progressiveness for it can speak for itself.Fellow Rwandans, get ready
To receive the comprehensive packages
Of benefits over the course of
The entire lifetime in our adored nation.
Let us be men of integrity and
Women of virtue who are to serve.
Rwandans of responsibility,
As this will help us to prepare our future,
Today’s preparation is tomorrow’s
Long live our president Paul Kagame;
The Man of Rwanda.
The author is a student at Sonrise High School