Marko:  Ah! At last I can hardly wait.Lydia:  Will you breakup with me?Marko:  No. never! Lydia:  Will you kiss me?Marko:  Every chance I get.

Marko:  Ah! At last I can hardly wait.
Lydia:  Will you breakup with me?
Marko:  No. never!
Lydia:  Will you kiss me?
Marko:  Every chance I get.
Lydia:  Will you slap me?
Marko:  No. not a chance.
Lydia:  Do you love me?
Marko:  Always have and will always do.
Lydia:  Will you cheat on me?
Marko:  No.
Lydia:  Do you really love me?
Marko:  Yes
Lydia:  Darling.

FOR THE AFTER MARRIAGE PART… Read the above from the bottom upwards.


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