Beauty : Enhnace your beauty through your eyes

Eyes are the windows to our souls, they reflect all the emotions and personality, they also reveal joy and sorrow alike. They give movement and energy to the face. Eyes of all shapes and sizes are considered to be beautiful and attractive.

Eyes are the windows to our souls, they reflect all the emotions and personality, they also reveal joy and sorrow alike. They give movement and energy to the face. Eyes of all shapes and sizes are considered to be beautiful and attractive.

Once when I watching the Tyra Banks Programme-America’s next top model, I saw her teaching the models how to smile with their eyes! Even when it comes to the natural process of ageing it all starts with our eyes, many women abroad who can afford to go under the knife in the name of plastic surgery to hide their age, the process always start with lifting their eyes to make them look younger and of course sophisticated!

So there is more to the eyes than just meet the eye! Usually for women there is always a little need to enhance that beauty with the help of perfect eye makeup because it brings out the true colour of the eyes.

Right use of eye make up components blended with right hygiene care of eyes can add wonders to the beauty of a woman. You can define your eyes with carefully applied make up.

Putting Eye makeup can be quite a complex procedure if one is not familiar with the process. But you can learn it with right kind of eye makeup tips.

So having those pretty eyes is not that difficult, you can do it yourself. The main ingredients for basic eye makeup are eye shadow, mascara, and eyeliner and add to that foundation for concealing the circles under eyes.

There are basic eye makeup tips and then there are tips for eye makeup for particular eye shape and size. Let us have some tips to apply eye makeup to enhance our beauty.
Preparing a Base

First of all make preparations for making a base for eye makeup. Make a base for applying colours on the eyelids by applying fine layers of foundation. It will smoothen eye skin by levelling the imperfections.

This will make the makeup look natural and keep it there for longer. If you are using powder eye shadow, use powder on eyes.  If you are using crème eye shadow, apply only foundation and no powder as cream eye shadow can be easily put on foundation.

Choose Right color

Eye shadows are available in quite large variations. They may be in the form of pencils, sticks, gels, pressed powder or creams. Out of all, pressed powder form is the most popular as they are easy to apply with foam pads or small brushes.

To choose right colour for yourself, use your hair as guide. Another deciding factor for colons is shape and colour of your eyes. Spots are highlighted by the light tones and dark colours conceal them.

Choosing Technique

Single shadow magic: In this technique, you can use only one colour of eye shadow to give that simple look. Apply eye shadow of one colour on the entire eyelid. You can use cream eye shadows also which are in medium to lighter tone and these should be applied with light hand only. Add to this beauty a light stroke of mascara and a dash of brown pencil.

Adding Depth to Eyes:  First of all apply lighter tone of eye shadow on the entire eyelid. This should be done with the help of medium eye shadow brush. Hold the brush lightly and start from lash line to the line where eyelids touch brow bone.

Now smear a dash of colour there at brow bone and take it off. Now take medium shade of eye shadow and dust it in the crease line. It should be applied up to slightly beyond that crease to add depth with the help of medium brush. It will shape your eyes when they are open.

For more dramatic look, smear medium to deeper shade to upper lash line with the help of eyeliner brush or angular brush. Smudge this line to give soft look. You can add this soft and smudged line under the lower lash line with a smudge brush.

Defining and Enhancing the Eye

Shape: For defining the shape of eyes, apply lighter to medium shade of eye shadow over the whole eyelid as we did in basic eye makeup in first technique. Apply darker tone of shadow at the upper lash line. This has to be done with the help of the eyeliner brush creating a smudged line.

At the end of complete application of all the colours of shadow, you should not be able to find out the beginning and end of a colour.

Blend it thoroughly to give a smudged look. Now take a wide eye shadow brush and dust eyelids with loose powder to give it set look.  Apply mascara and brow pencil to complete the eye makeup.

To achieve that great look, remember to apply your eye make in moderation. Too much of it will make one look a like a doll. Start caring for your eyes and experience the gazes everywhere you pass.


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