Ideal interiors:Spend money to make money; pamper your saloon

Sometime back I went to Nairobi and could not believe my eyes when my childhood friend took me to her saloon. I actually thought I was in a saloon in Hollywood, because of the way she decorated her saloon.

Sometime back I went to Nairobi and could not believe my eyes when my childhood friend took me to her saloon. I actually thought I was in a saloon in Hollywood, because of the way she decorated her saloon.

It is a big investment but the returns are huge and very rewarding. So I thought what about giving ideas to some saloon owners here in Kigali so that we can have that kind of a saloon which sheds off your fears immediately you enter it.

We want a saloon where you can get all the beauty treatments, a saloon that observes proper hygiene and that which is operated by professionals, put any price and see if clients won’t be streaming in day in day out.

Most saloon owners don’t know that interior design of their business is just as important, if not more, than the exterior architecture. Businesses that cater to repeat clientele, such as hair salons, especially want to portray a favorable atmosphere that spurs their clients to keep coming back.

There are many decorative themes that coincide perfectly with hair salons. A decorative theme can sometimes make or break a hair salon, along with the service, of course. Make your salon stand out and be recognized, earning top points.

There are different themes that one can adopt to make their saloons a place where clients keep coming back.

Traditional Saloon

Begin with a reception area that resembles a residential living room. Turn bookcases into product display cases, add an area rug and use a traditional, ball and claw foot desk for the reception desk.

Create warmth by using wood floors and traditional molding around mirrors, doors and cabinets throughout the salon.

Another style of traditional design is a marble floor material with stylist stations in wood and chairs in a traditional green or a more modern sage green. Cut costs by using laminate wood products or veneers instead of solid wood.

Additional finishes may include laminates that mimic granite or marble, residential lighting like table lamps, swing arm task lamps and gold leaf mirrors and accessories.

Luxurious French-Style Salon

Decorate your salon in a luxurious French-style. Incorporate plush cushioned chairs with curved, dainty legs into your décor.

Hang extravagant fabric for your curtains adorned with thick, fluffy curtain toppers. Pinks and purples fit perfectly into a French theme. In addition, include raised embossing and intricate designs in your woodwork. Place bustier- and purse-shaped lamps in various locations of the salon.

Moreover, place large oval-shaped mirrors before each salon chair. This type of theme will give your clients the illusion that they have stepped back in time and are in the dressing room of a famous opera prima donna.

For even more customization, scatter French-style, hand-operated pump perfume bottles at each salon styling station. You can even include one or two tall stand-up oval mirrors in the corners of the salon.

Modern Futuristic-Style Salon

Modern and futuristic styles are becoming more and more popular every day with the invention of new technologies and the ever-constant progression into the future.

Symbolize the innovative, technological and progressive state of your salon with a modernistic theme. Use simple, curved futuristic salon chairs, large square or rectangular mirrors, and track lighting. Make all shapes sharp and geometric.

Include modern and contemporary art statues in your salon as well. Decorate in bright colors such as neon blue and fire engine red.

Black and white work very well in futuristic themes. Moreover, style hair with only the newest and most technologically advanced hair styling tools on the market to further enhance your theme.

Now that you know what you clients needs are, why not do a little make over of your saloon and you will surprised by the response you will get from your clients and the money you will mint


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