Modeling; a possible career path

“I enjoy it, it’s my passion and I see my self doing it on a bigger level” this is what Annet Mahoro one of the Rwandan models said when asked how she finds the career in modeling she has been pursuing for some time.

“I enjoy it, it’s my passion and I see my self doing it on a bigger level” this is what Annet Mahoro one of the Rwandan models said when asked how she finds the career in modeling she has been pursuing for some time.

Having started modeling way back in 2003 while in her senior five, the soft spoken beauty says she doesn’t regret any thing for what she ventured into, that modeling can be a career just like any other art or talent.

Society especially in Africa has exhibited slowness in appreciating some of the art and fashion that is possessed by many people, which aspects are the driving engines of careers such as modeling; this has at a certain extent watered down this career path.

Mahoro, who is also the first runner up of the East African beauty contest-Rwandan chapter say she is considering starting up her own modeling agency.

“Currently I don’t belong to any fashion modeling house but my dream is starting up my own house as a way of taking the modeling passion to another level since I know a thing or two about the industry now,” she noted

She has previously worked with day Dady de maximo fashion agency and participated in a number of modeling events including ModeAfric which showcases African designs and fashions.

She advises those considering modeling and fashion designing as career paths not to be frustrated by the current vulnerable state of the industry, but take it up as a passion without higher expectations because however much it’s struggling now, chances are there that it might pick up in future.

In a telephone interview with one of Rwanda’s leading fashion guru’s Mwicira Mitali aka Dady de maximo who is the proprietor of DADMAX fashion and modeling agency, he told the society magazine that Rwanda has absolute potential in making it big in the fashion and modeling industry but there is acute lack of support for this industry.

“We have models and artists who are passionate about what they do and are zealous to take it to a bigger level, but with lack of support people are frustrated”

The inadequate support he talks about stems from lack of recognition and appreciation from some domestic corporate establishments and society as a whole “we have many beautiful girls and handsome boys here, but ECOBANK will go an extra way to hire west African models on its bill boards, this has kept us behind,” he observed

He called upon corporate companies in Rwanda to consider bringing up local talents in fashion and art, bringing up local arts like musicians and models as opposed to hipping money on outside performers who are not in any way better that the home grown who are even aware of a thing or two about the Rwandan society and its expectations.

Dady who won the African art award in 2008 as the best fashion and designer has moved to many countries in Africa on the ticket of his career in fashion and modeling and has realized that the rest of Africa appreciates his work than how it is in Rwanda.

He has been in the fashion and modeling industry for 9 years, with 5 as a model and 4 as a fashion designer, he has designed most artists in Rwanda including Miss Shannel, Masamba, Tom close, KGB, rider man, the Ben and many others.

Modeling encompasses a wide variety of elements all of which are geared towards popularizing a certain product or service in a way that will earn it a positive appeal to increase sales, so modeling should not be limited to beauty or physical appeal.

There are various forms of modeling such as catalog modeling, showroom modeling, fitness, promotional modeling, editorial modeling where focus is put on appearance in news papers and magazines among others.

There are modeling opportunities for people of all characters, age groups, sizes and body shapes basing on what a corporate company is interested in showcasing or advertising.

Prominent Models who made it on the international scene include Alec wek, Naomi Campbell Tyra Banks among others.

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