Reading between the lines

Why is it that professional and well established women, often fall in love with the most hopeless male philanders of the first waters.

Why is it that professional and well established women, often fall in love with the most hopeless male philanders of the first waters.

Breaking their hearts, and in the process ruining their lives?
Imagine, a day passing without receiving a call from him. Hum!

The so-called special person in your life, who makes your toes twist back-wards, and skip heartbeats is now turning your hopes down.

For example, what excuses does he give when he rejects your calls, or doesn’t even bother to send an SMS?

“Darling, I’m always held up with office duties, but otherwise I think about you all the time.”

Does this man really have you in his mind? Do his actions signal something to you?

So often, women become so fragile when it comes to relationships. They literally “Fall in Love” and become victims.

Too afraid to stick to their principles, and as fate dictates, they end up blinded with that smallest sign that “He might be in love”.

But when a man gives excuses like “he’s too busy, he forgot to call back, he needs time to sort out some few issues”. Just be smart enough to know that this man is simply trying to be too polite to you.

He is hiding the bitter truth that the relationship is over. Or worse, that he is not interested in. You might decide to give it time and see how things unfold, but he continues with his “Monkey Tricks”.

My dearest, listen to this frightening reality. This man does not love you, and you have to face it in coloured.

Women often defend their men’s nonconformist behaviour. These justifications are as absurd as misplaced fingers that keep dialing a pathetic loser.

Even the aggrieved men who have just lost their wives will be noticed at their late beloved’s funerals, already sizing up that seemingly single or available woman. Men not in this category are as rare as rubies.

The result is you end up depressed and becoming obsessed to a man, whose aim is to torture you psychologically and dump you.

Even more hilarious, in some instances he may not even have hinted to you that he is in love with you, but you keep hoping against hope it would be so.

But again, it is almost a week since you last saw him. By the way, when was the last time both of you went out on a date? Only God knows!

Very infatuated with him, you now try to rewind that evening. Those romantic words and treatment he gave you, but nothing gives a clue to any thing substantial.

He once asked you to pass a night over his house but when you rejected, he decided to end the conversation angrily. He sends a text after a week asking, “Why are you so silent,” adds a subtle “I miss you”.

Next time he calls you for a drink in the wee hours of the night after a drinking spree with his buddies.  If you turn his offer down, he never calls you again for as long as time would tell.

The situation is frustrating. He is confusing you and making your life complicated for no reason at all. Read between the lines.

This man doesn’t love you but he is only playing on your emotions. 

The idea is not to persist but to realize that this man is a time waster and you are better off getting him out of your company.

Relationship counselors would agree with me that when a man love you, he let’s you know it. He calls, shows up, apologies, and cherishes you.

He can’t keep his eyes, ears off from you. And most importantly, he will always care and be therefore for you.


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