Work on Kigali industrial park begins

Work has commenced on the new Kigali Industrial Park project with construction of roads and demarcation of plots according to officials.

Work has commenced on the new Kigali Industrial Park project with construction of roads and demarcation of plots according to officials.

The project’s management has said that the project is set to create at least 1,000 various jobs, in the fields of construction, engineering and manufacturing industries directly during the construction and after the development of the Park.

In an interview with Business Times, last week Fiacre Birasa, Rwanda Investment Group (RIG)‘s acting Director General and Chief  Operations Officer (COO)  disclosed that  feasibility studies on the site of the project  were  completed in June.

“The machines are on the ground and construction has started with building roads connecting to the site. This will ease the selling process. It also gives a chance to those who have booked to see where their plots are located,” Birasa said.

He underscored that plots are allocated in zones that have been designed according to the size of the industries, size and nature of business.

“Those interested in specific locations at the Industrial Park now have an opportunity to choose though the later the choice will be limited,” he said , pointing out the first phase of the project is expected to be complete by the end of the year . Plots are sold per square kilometre at Rwf 20,000. About 8 hectares of the total 112 hectares expected to be developed in the first phase, have already been sold.

Birasa also mentioned that while many people have made bookings, only handfuls have made cash deposits to show commitment. 

“Making a payment shows commitment that they are still interested.

They should also think about competition from members of the East African Community,” he said, revealing that some regional business men have expressed interest in the park and booked plots without divulging further details.

“We encourage Rwandans to come and take up the opportunities before they are finished. People are coming from other countries to buy,” he said.

The Industrial Park is to accommodate the industries that are being relocated from Gikondo to a more modern, competitive, efficient, cost effective and cleaner environment in Gasabo district.

The business hub will be strategically located near the area allocated for the construction of the Free Trade Zone.

“No body is under condition to shift from Gikondo to the Industrial Park but we are offering a solution to industries looking for space. We are also targeting new comers (investors) from Rwanda Development Board and Kigali City Council who want to do business in Rwanda.

“Our aim is not to sell plots but to contribute to the development of industries in Rwanda. By selling plots we hope that more business will come into the country,” Birasa explained.

The proposed park will be able to concentrate dedicated infrastructure in a delimited area so as to reduce the per-business expense of that infrastructure.

The planned infrastructure will include roads, roadways, high-power electric supplies, large-volume of water supplies and common sewerage works.

RIG which is owned by a total of 41 shareholders, comprising 6 institutional investors, 4 mid-sized private companies, and 31 individuals is overseeing the process of developing the Kigali Industrial Park.


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