Pan Africanist Tajudeen ends journey prematurely

Clad in the Common Nigerian attire, He was standing in front of an attentive congregation under a small tent at the Pan African Movement head quarters, in Kampala -Uganda.
Dr. Tajudeen Abdul - Raheem with a collegue.
Dr. Tajudeen Abdul - Raheem with a collegue.

Clad in the Common Nigerian attire, He was standing in front of an attentive congregation under a small tent at the Pan African Movement head quarters, in Kampala -Uganda.

The congregation that gathers every Friday evening to discuss African socio-political and economic issues is a small congregation “not like the congregation that we currently have in our synagogues; those of pastor Kayanja’s, Gitwaza’s, pastor Chris’ or that of Ernest and Angley and others” but it is of a bigger heart and greater ideas, in as far as the life of an African is concerned.

When I entered Dr. Tajudeen was discussing a very interesting but important topic “Challenges and prospects of an African child”.

The atmosphere was very quite as the fluent and most probably one of the best public speakers, Africa has ever had, was discussing.

Each word that flowed from his mouth was so powerful and very moving that no body in the congregation could afford to miss it.

He spoke with great vigour and intuition that when his final remark came, it was welcomed with a vigorous and a clamorous ovation. This was my first time to personally meet and hear from Dr. Tajudeen Abdallah.

Tajudeen was the secretary general of the Pan African Movement since 1994, and has been an instrumental character in fostering the African cause, in her endeavours to end the socio political and economic crisis, the continent has been experiencing since the white man gave up control of the “DARK CONTINENT”.

To the Pan African’s misbelieve however; Tajudeen’s death was announced yesterday (Monday) morning. His life was taken by a motor accident in the Kenyan capital Nairobi, as he headed to Jomo Kenyatta international airport to catch a flight to Kigali Rwanda, where he was going to attend a meeting.

News about his death has raised mixed reactions among members of the Pan African Movement across the continent, particularly members of the Uganda chapter.

Assimwe Stephen, a strong member and the publicity secretary of Pan African Movement Uganda chapter, told Uganda broadcasting corporation on Monday that he first knew Tajudeen, when he was organizing the 7th congress of the Pan African Movement that was held in Kampala.bHe described him as a “great African” who worked tirelessly for the good of the continent.

James kashaya, another strong Pan Africanist in Kampala told the same television that Tajudeen was a visionary and a strong African, who championed the cause for African unity. He is a known African that has carried the mantel for African unity. Kashaya said. Dr. Tajudeen Abdallah was also described by many Pan Africanists, as a revolutionary character that supported various revolutions against the post colonial African dictatorial regimes, and ushered in the current majority African governments that uphold democratic values.

Stephen Assimwe also said that losing a character like Tajudeen, Africa will live to regret; because he has left behind a big gap that will not easily be filled again. He stressed that he played a greater role in establishing various Pan African clubs in Ugandan Universities and secondary schools, and that he was looking forward to establishing more clubs across the East African region, and across the continent as a whole.

“We hope that Africa will be able to get another “Tajudeen” that will fulfil his vision,” Assimwe added. As a coincidence, his death came as Africa was celebrating her liberation day.

25th May is a paramount day in African history. It is on this day that the “Icons” of African liberation; the likes of Nkwame Nkrumah, Julius Nyerere, Patrice Lumumba and others stood up in unison and told the colonialists to leave African land.

It was therefore very unfortunate that as we celebrated this important day, we even lost an important person in our history.

His body will be flown back to his home country (Nigeria), where he will be made to rest forever until Jesus comes back. Thousands of Africans and their leaders are expected to attend his burial.


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