Pastors should be exemplary

I am a pastor in one of the Churches in Nyagatare-Eastern Province.

 I would wish to thank The New Times for the work you are doing especially when it comes to the issue of addressing the problems that confront the masses.

I have been embarrassed by the information I read in your paper of August 21, 2007 stating that Maranatha Church pastors fought over ‘ungodly’ allowances.

Indeed, pastors should not be driven by worldly things but instead be focused on what pleases their God.

Can we say that what pastors are doing is good? Does it lead them to heaven or hell? Whoever sins is of his father Satan, the bible says.

The bible says that in the last days, perilous times will come and people will be lovers of money and not the word of who sent them.

Some pastors world over, have deviated from the truth, and have turned into false prophets.

Some preaching words that favour them, others resort to homosexuality simply because they are chasing money.
Should the money meant for helping the needy members of the church be misappropriated in such a manner?

Let’s go back to the first love and do what is just and pleases our father in heaven.

We need to serve as the light of the world and an example to our followers. You are the salt of the earth remember!

 Names withheld

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