Married couples keep the dignity of the institution

I write to remind the married women and men about their marital responsibilities.

 I am sorry if taken personal but I am confused when the married people start doing things contrary to what wed lock demands.

 I wonder why people get married if they still wanted to move around with different people.

It is unfair for one to cheat on his or her spouse yet while exchanging vows, they promised to be faithful to each other till death parts them.

I have heard a number of married men running after young girls, this is unfair.

 You may think that you are doing things under cover but the whole country is seeing you. Worse still, the almighty God in whose presence you believe to have taken the vows is omnipresent and I don’t think is happy with what you do.

That young girl or boy you are moving out with will be the first one to disclose your dirty behaviours. You should also consider their future since you will at no time consider them for any serious relationship since you are married in accordance with Rwandan law.

Women who cheat on their husbands should know that they are taking away the respect a Rwandan woman should have which they have always been known for.

Society sees married people as people who should be examples as far as sexual control is concerned.

The society expects them to be friends and counsellors in all aspects of life and if they are not performing their duties, society continues to loose hope and trust in them.

Married people should be live examples to the unmarried and the young people in community if the marriage institution is to keep on for future generations.

Concerned citizen       

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