Getting closer to Kenya’s Wahu

The renowned artiste is to perform at ‘Carnival Nite’ Rosemary Wahu Kagwi, Kenya’s renowned RnB artiste, is scheduled to perform to her Rwandan fans on May 2, during the Carnival Nite.

The renowned artiste is to perform at ‘Carnival Nite’

Rosemary Wahu Kagwi, Kenya’s renowned RnB artiste, is scheduled to perform to her Rwandan fans on May 2, during the Carnival Nite.

For the third consecutive year, the long waited Nite will be held at Royale Villas, Nyarutarama, one of Kigali’s upscale suburbs.

The event is a collaborative effort between 4Real Promotions and Royale Villas hotel.

Several other East African musicians, including Uganda’s famous duo Radio and Weasel, are also on the list of performers.

Wahu has been nominated to the KORA awards. She is married  to Nameless, a popular Kenyan. Below is her profile.

What is the most recent thing that has annoyed you?

Last week my daughter put her hand, in the toilet. She really annoyed  me ! She is two years old, and she is always up to something.

When was the last time you heard something terrible on the radio?

Yesterday afternoon. A young girl had been sodomised by a teacher. I have a daughter, and if something like that happened to my daughter, I would hang the culprit!

How do you balance work and looking after your daughter?

Honestly, I don’t have a secret formula hidden in the cupboard (Laughs). When I am on tour, I leave her at her grandmother’s.

But when I’m at home, I always take her to parks, basically do what other families do. Remember I have a job, like any other woman who works, so the challenges I face, are the same as theirs.

When was the last time your husband took you out for dinner?

He is really doing badly! He took me out last month; I better have a word with him, when I return, because he is slipping! (laughs).

When was the last time you cooked a family meal?

I really feel embarrassed, it was in February! This should not mean that I’m not a good cook. I’m actually a good cook, but because of my constant touring, I have neglected the cooking bit.

How do you deal with female admirers of your husband, do you ever get jealous?

Like any married woman, I’m always wary of women who get close to my husband.

There is the issue of mutual trust between us, but at the same time as a woman, I keep my eyes open and ears on the ground, but he has never let me down, despite his popularity, with the ladies. And I don’t blame them, he is hot!(Laughs)

How does he deal with male admirers who lust for you?

Now that is different. He tends to call me up to check on me, to see where Iam. I guess it’s a “guy thing”. They always get protective with their wives, even if you have signed a “mutual trust agreement!”

Have you lost anyone close to cancer?

Yes, I have lost an aunty to breast cancer, and it was traumatic. I’m a mother, and my involvement with the breast cancer awareness campaign, helps not only the people around, but my daughter too.

I want my daughter to grow up knowing for example about breast self-examination. So I’m doing this for people all over and for my daughter too.

You have been nominated for the MAMA awards, Kora awards, and PAM awards. How does that make you feel?

It is very humbling and I feel challenged to reach even greater heights. Remember I have not yet made an album, and those nominations are based on compilation albums of Ogopa DJ’s music.

So the fact that the awarding bodies spotted Wahu amongst all the artistes on the albums is a massive boost for me. I’m now working on my solo album, which has a collaboration with the Ugandan Bobi wine.

It has eleven tracks, and it is mix of ragga, and gege (Swahili hip hop). My husband also features on the untitled album, which will be out next year in January.

How many children would you like to have?

I would like to add on two more children, in total I would like to have three. Nameless has no choice in this matter! Although he would like only two. But we have reached an agreement that he has no say in the matter.


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