Kimironko Prison sewerage ‘killing’ us

Allow me to move my complaint to the administration of Kimironko Prison. Something ought to be done about Kimironko Prison sewage system because the situation is now alarming and making the whole environment filthy.

 So far, three people have been taken to hospital with complications related to breathing due to the stinking sewage around.

The sewerage problem has been endured for so long and I get concerned when the relevant authorities do not pay attention to it. One wonders why nothing is done yet it’s the route to the posh Kimironko residential area.

Does this imply that our rich few are not concerned about their environment if the government is not doing any thing?

Please let’s not take life for granted, it’s too precious to be neglected .

That place will soon cause bigger problems. If the prison authorities cannot do anything about it, why can’t the city council come in?

 Other wise I don’t see why city authority has always disturbed private investors over poor sewage systems if they too cannot do anything on Kimironko Prison sewers.


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