Living decently when you’re broke

Being broke is part of life; so one has to learn to handle it when it shows its ugly-head and live as calm as s/he can. The first step towards living a decent life when one is broke is to acknowledge your situation.
living broke
living broke

Being broke is part of life; so one has to learn to handle it when it shows its ugly-head and live as calm as s/he can. The first step towards living a decent life when one is broke is to acknowledge your situation.

Just like the sun doesn’t shine forever, we don’t stay loaded eternally, Most people especially those who lived a classy lifestyle, when the table turns; they fall with a thud and don’t know how to get-up, they feel like the world is ending.

You had a well paying job, a posh car but in a split second things changed! You lost your job, failed to pay the loan; the bank swept your house, cars and other properties from you.

Maybe you’ve just finished school and still looking for a job, so far life is stone- hard, or you’re just a low-earner, don’t despair or loose hope. As you’re looking for a job don’t over stress yourself. You only need to be flexible; “A tree that doesn’t bend when strong wind blows gets broken.” 

First Let the truth sink-in then get a plan, don’t live in denial! If you were living in a posh place but now you can no longer afford the sky-high rent, quietly, without complaining   shift and go rent in a not-so expensive area where you can get a cheap house in a relatively safe area.

You may think that you’re the most broke person on the globe, but if people could swap lives, you’d understand you are living a king’s life compared to other hundreds.

Don’t mind what people say, remember “he who builds to everyone advice will have a crooked house’ don’t tell everyone about your sad state, they will only trample on your ego and turn you into a laughing stock.” When a man is going down the hill everyone will give him a push.

Just tell them you shifted if you went to kajagari (Kanombe’s worst slums) just say you shifted to Kanombe, if you went to Biryogo say you’re in Nyamirambo

Your appearance

Being broke is no excuse for being shabby! Remember ‘You feel how you appear,’ if you look lousy you will feel lousy and act the same.

Like it’s been said over and over again, of all things you wear, your expression is the most important, don’t let terraces decorate your fore head, 14 muscles on your face relaxes whenever you smile. 

You can buy quality second-hand clothes at a low-price in all second-hand clothe markets like at Nyabugogo, Remera, Kimironko and other markets.

Trim your hair; most middle-class hair saloons are pocket friendly, in this war you’re fighting, your appearance is very crucial, no one is going to give you a job or recommend you when your beard is only compared to that of father Christmas.

Other needs

As for toiletries, and other basic things you don’t need to worry, there’s a fifty francs packet of detergent, Vaseline of 150 and toilette soap of 200, a perfume of 2500 tooth paste of 200.

You can chose to buy a stove and cook yourself   simple meals, boil a cup of coffee or you can eat out in a middle-class restaurant.

This might sound real bad but if you can’t afford 1500 or 500 airtime card let ‘me 2 u’ be your savior, with as little as Rwf100 you can get airtime and this will surely save you from beeping.

If a family member or someone special want you to call them, tell them you’re some -how busy but you will call when you get a free moment, call minutes after mid-night when calling rates are on the ground.

You can still hang-out on weekends, drinking beverages, tell those who ask you you’re on medication; sometimes cheap joints can be fun.

Rent near to where you’re working from or buy a bike for easy transportation remember you will be killing two birds with one stone, many will envy your daily exercise.
Your esteem

Don’t permit guys with oversized ego and wads of cash put you down or let your confidence go down the drain because of your financial status, most people when cash exits through the door confidence follows through the window.

Don’t hate successful people or shun their company because being around them gives you chances of meeting influential people who can change the course of your life, keep in mind that your situation is just transitory.

Remember here we are trying to stand strong not to advertise your misfortune, when you go bankrupt, most friends and connections don’t survive, don’t be surprised or hold a grudge; that is the way it was, it is and it will be, only those who truly care will stay by your side.

Be broke and happy tomorrow the sun will shine again keep searching for better life because no one was meant to live a beggar’s life.