Relationships: LYING FOR LOVE

It’s pretty amazing how our own sisters can put to shame Oscar award winner actresses like Sandra Bullock, Sharon Stone and Haille Berry to shame!

It’s pretty amazing how our own sisters can put to shame Oscar award winner actresses like Sandra Bullock, Sharon Stone and Haille Berry to shame!

Meet Cynthia Mukamana; despite having bunged education in primary six, when she met Daniel who is not only handsome but loaded and from a posh family, she fell head over heels in love with him.

But she was from a ‘lower’ class, she had no choice but to lie, act and craft a class not only to impress but to be able to keep him.

She told him she’s in the third year at one of Kigali’s University.  She was so perfect playing her game, sometimes she could tell him, “Honey do you mind if you pick me up at the campus after the lectures? Our driver is sick.”

And by the time the guy reaches the campus gate she’ll be already there waiting chatting up with other girls.
.They’ll go out, have fun, and when time for going home comes,  poor guy would drive all the way to Nyarutarama to drop home the girlfriend.

You see, the first time she couldn’t tell him she stays in Kimicyanga, she took him to Nyarutarama selected a very luxurious kipango (gate).

“Honey this is my home,” she said, kissed him goodbye and pretended to ring a bell.When the guy turned to go, she also grabbed a moto and dashed home.
Some guys also play that game.

When they meet the love of their lives they do whatever it takes to win their love. They go as far as borrowing cars, phones, even perfumes just to impress these girls.

 Ronnie, one of the love-liars, lays the blame on girls. He says most girls say, ‘I don’t mind what a guy does for a living as long as he loves me’, but they don’t practice what they sermonize!

“She can be with you for a little while but when a loaded guy comes, if the door is closed she flutters through the window.”

Other guys use whatever little they have to get what they want. With one thousand francs in his pocket, when a girl he was lining called and asked him to meet her at the hair saloon where she was, jack loaded his phone with ‘me2u’ of two hundred, bought a bottle of mineral water for three hundred and boarded a bike with the remaining five hundred and went to see her.

From the hair saloon they walked all the way to her place after convincing her how romantic an evening walk can be.
Mark doesn’t feel ashamed lying for love; he even tossed us some tips.

“If you want to impress her when you’re asked where you stay, forget the pre-history Kiyovu and don’t think about Nyarutarama, many people have heard it many times. Be from a posh place like Kagugu or Kibagabaga .

”What you do for a living?  Don’t air out RRA, that is a very tired -lame line.
Be either a business owner or working in a very corporate company and in a position where you can fire people,” Mark advises.

”You need to have a passport with more than Kanyaru and Gatuna boarder stamps, and hide the evidence that you’ve ever stepped in Dubai. For a starter flashing a London visa is ok, otherwise the US is the in thing! Paris is over kill!

Pretend to like jazz music, soft rock or lovers rock, talk about real musicians like Dave coz or Kenny g. 

Formula one (F1) used to be your favourite sport, now that you came back and no longer ride, a little bit of golf is all that takes your time.

When you hire a cab, don’t sit in a passenger seat, sit in the rear like you own the car. If your friend comes to pick you, just tell your girl he’s your driver.”
The lengths people won’t go to.