Just the other day I was thinking about how we are always talking about our dreams. Everyone wants to be known as a dreamer.

Just the other day I was thinking about how we are always talking about our dreams. Everyone wants to be known as a dreamer.

When people preach to you they will tell you about dreaming big. And sometimes just listening to some of these people we feel we can do anything, all we need to do is DREAM BIG!

Sometimes we feel like we could even fly, after all it’s all about dreaming right? DREAM BIG! DREAM BIG! DREAM BIG!!! Some people might make you feel inferior because of your dream and you always feel challenged to dream bigger and bigger.

Then something hit me. There’s no BIG dream! And I’m not asking anyone to agree with this but that’s something I thought about and realized that dreaming big goes with the kind of situation you’re in.

Something that might seem big to you might seem pretty small to someone else.

Something that is small to you might be someone else’s life dream. Your dream might be big to you, but even bigger to someone else.

You might be a University graduate with masters, a degree or a PhD and your biggest dream is to one day own your very own company, create your own product or manufacture your own cars….or whatever that might be.

That’s YOUR biggest dream. But looking at all the challenges ahead of you, God only knows if you will ever be able to achieve something like that. There’s a long road ahead of you.

Now for someone who wishes to have a higher level of Education, their biggest dream might be to get to where you are, they feel like if only they could get their degree, they would have achieved THEIR biggest dream.

And in this case, their chances to ever achieving that are also close to impossible because of life’s circumstances. But they hold on to that as if their life depended on it and in a way it does, because it will change their whole life if they can achieve that.

In the meantime they have to content themselves with their high school diploma and make the most of it.
Now think of the one who never attended High School… His biggest dream might be to one day get a High School Diploma.

For you with the Diploma, this will seem small and for you with the Degree or PhD even smaller.

But to this man it is equivalent to you getting your degree or very own company because of the challenges he must face to get it.

All he has are the few years of grade school, which he might not have completed either.

How about the one who never stepped in school?
His biggest dream might be to learn how to read and write so that no one will cheat or mistreat him in anyway because of his “handicap”.

He looks at the guy who went to grade school and envies him… He can’t even envy the High School guy or the University guy… to him it doesn’t even make sense.
All he wants is to read and write.

Now comes the very poor whose biggest dream is to one day have a warm bed, a home cooked meal, a place to call their own… There are those whose lifelong dream is to be able to say at the end of a meal “I AM SO FULL!” People in the desert, whose dream, might be to have enough water for a real bath. How about the sick?

Some of them have been sick for so long that they don’t remember how it feels like to be well and their only dream is for one of being pain free or have a walk in the park.

A blind man’s biggest dream might be to have just one eye, or just one day to see the beauty that surrounds him.

A paraplegic would wish to have one good pair of legs and go for a walk or just run all day long with no one tagging along just to make sure they are ok.

In Arabic countries, there are Christians whose biggest dream is to one day be able to freely go church on a Sunday and to share the gospel on the street to whoever will listened without being persecuted.

To lift their hands in worship, without the fear of who might watching. To own a Bible and read it anytime they feel like it… How about people living in war? Or those whose lives were taken away too soon?

I could go on and on…
To dream is good… Dreams keep all these people I mentioned going every day.

The only problem with all this is that sometimes we focus on that BIG dream for so long that we let the small ones pass us by.

So you can’t own your company just yet, that doesn’t mean you should sit until it comes. You can still make that degree to good use.

You can make the most of that High School diploma, if you managed to get it, it means there’s something in them brains so work it!

And remember someone wishes they had it. You can only read and write? And I bet you can count too.

There’s someone who dreams of what they would do if they could do that so don’t misuse it.

You have a bed? Be thankful even if that’s the only thing you own right now…. Someone doesn’t. You ate before you went to bed? Someone didn’t.

You can see everything that’s around you, you can go for a walk, and you took a bath this morning? Be thankful! Someone is asking themselves when they’ll be able to do that. You live in a country where you are free to worship and share the good news?

My friend, you ought to kneel down right now and say THANK YOU LORD! And don’t let someone remind you again of where you left your Bible.

Stop complaining!

Your dreams will eventually come true. But in the meantime, remember that every day of your life is a dream You are living someone’s dream out there and you should be thankful and appreciate how truly blessed you are. You are alive and well and that alone is a DREAM!

Don’t stop dreaming…. Keep seeing yourself going places but don’t take where you are now for granted. Someone wishes it could be them.

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