Tucak, a nobody feeling somebody

Alas! I am pretty sure that you’ve met a person who thinks that he is always right, who acts as if he is superior to other people and who believes that he truly is better than other people.This is what we call an arrogant person.

Alas! I am pretty sure that you’ve met a person who thinks that he is always right, who acts as if he is superior to other people and who believes that he truly is better than other people.This is what we call an arrogant person.

Following what has been said in media a couple of times, our national soccer team Croatian coach Branko Tucak fits the description hands down.

Arrogance is a double edged sword, it can help you attract a few fans but on the other hand it will fill the hearts of other people that surround you with hatred.

After all, no one likes someone to treat him arrogantly.

Arrogance is thinking that you are invincible or at least trying to appear as if you are.

Tucak says he does not deal with the Rwandan media because it is disorganized.

Who the hell is this dude? What expertise does he have to evaluate how our media operates in Rwanda?

What power does he posses to discredit an entire institution recognized by the laws governing the country? On which ground does he deny journalists their right to do their job?  

It is always said that little things go a long way. This type of unseemly behaviour might not be given due attention by Tucak’s bosses but it is a fundamental issue to be looked into.

It is rather a managerial issue that would unconstructively impact the way we run our national soccer team and the beautiful game of football.

The relationship of this grey-haired Croat with the media clearly indicates how short of communication skills he is – a problem that might be extended to his management of his players and technical team working under him.

What is so excruciating is the fact that Tucak is feeling full of himself yet he is instead an empty tin of himself.

Most people who possess a dash of arrogance tend to have been able to succeed in doing something that others normally fail doing?

An entrepreneur starts a small company then succeeds in expanding and developing it until it becomes a resounding success and a profitable enterprise.

This person might end up being arrogant; he may start to think that his business ideas are perfect and that he is invulnerable to external business threats.

This old Croatian dude can only exhibit a dismal run of not even a single win in six international matches. Then, you are left wondering where his source of arrogance is.

The most recent occasion where he continued to display his indecorous arrogance was at the beginning of this week when he insisted on refusing to talk to the journalists following a 2-1 defeat by Tanzania in a friendly game.

He even went over board to refuse his assistant Eric Nshimiyimana and stand-in skipper Hamad Ndikumana to talk journalists.

His counterpart, the Tanzania soccer team coach, however had no qualms about giving interview to the media. Tucak, this is how civilized and professional people act.

Our big daddy Tucak, you therefore need to be educated on ethics and communication values in effective management. Shame!

Mzee Tucak, it’s really fine with us when you communicate even when you have nothing interesting to talk about in regard to the national team.

It might not be entirely your fault that the team is underperforming.

We know very well that our football development has a huge base of flaws that cannot be solved by an individual. It has to be rather an –all-coordinated approach from the federation, sports ministry and clubs.

And this can be done with a culture of openness through dialogues with concerned parties including the media which has branded you a foe.

However, your disrespect for the local media indicates how unprofessional you are as a sportsman supposed to be dedicated to embracing an entertaining environment in the game.

When you disrespect the media – the channel through which you reach the public –, it means that you are taking the public or fans for granted.

We are nationals of a respected state and we absolutely deserve respect. We deserve to know what is going on in our country in all aspects.

Our president, Paul Kagame, holds a press conference every month and provides answers to questions raised by the media of which you have branded a disorganized entity. Then, who are you to feel so supercilious?

I think the local soccer governing body and the sports ministry in one way or the other have provided a fertile ground for Tucak to grow his supersonic arrogance.

The ministry and federation should create a well branded press box at the stadia where a coach, man of match and skipper should stand to give interviews to press after every match.  We need to create a culture of openness.

You don’t only have to call for a press conference because Drogba and other international stars have come to Rwanda.

It has to be more than that.