Weekly Review

Military medics carry out first cornea transplant Doctors from the Rwanda Defence Force (RDF)’s, this week carried out the first cornea transplant in the country.

Military medics carry out first cornea transplant

Doctors from the Rwanda Defence Force (RDF)’s, this week carried out the first cornea transplant in the country.

The operation took place at King Faisal Hospital in Kigali as part of a wider programme of giving back to the community during the on-going Army Week.

Major Doctor John Nkurikiye who led the team of ophthalmologists, said the medics plan to conduct 35 operations in the next three days. 

UNHCR frustrating refugee repatriation

It was reported this week that Rwandan refugees in Uganda have expressed their willingness to return home as soon as possible but the UNHCR is delaying the process of registering those willing to go home.

Innocent Ngango the official in charge of refugees in the Ministry of Local Government told the media about the goings on in the refugee camps in Uganda while on a visit there. He was accompanied by District Mayors of Gatsibo, Kirehe and Nyagatare. At least 20,000 Rwandan refugees are reported to be living is different camps in Uganda.

Rwanda’s commonwealth bid receives more

Several countries will support Rwanda’s bid to join the Commonwealth club during the forthcoming summit to be held in the islands of Trinidad and Tobago later this year, it emerged this week.

The Commonwealth is predominantly made up of former British colonies and it so far has 53 states.

Joseph Kabakeza, the Director General of Bilateral and Multilateral Cooperation in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was quoted saying that India, South Africa, Botswana, Malawi, Singapore and Trinidad and Tobago declared their support for Rwanda’s bid.
Rwanda applied to join in 2003.

Kagame, Blair Meet in London

President Paul Kagame this week met with the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair in London.

The two held discussions on the Government of Rwanda’s ongoing partnership with Blair’s office and how it will continue to support in building the strategic capacity of key institutions in Rwanda.

Blair pledged continued partnership with Rwanda, saying that his Office will continue following the successful completion of the first phase of the project.

For the next year, Tony Blair’s Office will place ten experts in key institutions including the Presidency, the Prime Minister’s Office and Rwanda Development Board, who will be focused on achieving Rwanda’s economic growth and poverty reduction objectives.

Judiciary expresses reservations over Ombudsman report

The Judiciary has expressed dismay after it was ranked number two in the Ombudsman’s most corrupt institutions report. 

The judiciary was ranked number two, after the traffic police in the 2008 report tabled by the Ombudsman Tito Rutaremara before parliament.

Deputy Chief Justice Sam Rugege was quoted saying that the report is unfair to members of the judiciary. Prosecutor General Martin Ngoga insisted that Rutaremara should have made thorough investigations before the report was tabled in parliament.

Kagame Tells G8 to consult Africa

President Paul Kagame this week urged developed countries to consult African countries and the developing world, before making economic decisions that affect them.

He made the call during a meeting that brought together in London African government officials and business leaders ahead of the G-8 Summit that is slated for Italy tomorrow.

The G-8 comprises of the most developed and industrialised countries, the same nations that form the biggest part of donor community to the developing countries.

6,000 Genocide Remains Discovered in Quarry

It was reported this week that six thousand remains of the 1994 Genocide victims were recently unearthed in a tin quarry in Nyakiriba village, Eastern Province.

Residents told reporters that the remains were of people killed in a nearby church by the Interahamwe and members of the then Presidential guard. They had sought refugee in a nearby church at the time.