Impressions:Actions and words don’t define love

In the search for genuine love it is helpful if we don’t get confused and attached to signs.  Love is an emotion and is not measurable. 

In the search for genuine love it is helpful if we don’t get confused and attached to signs.  Love is an emotion and is not measurable. 

But we so often attempt to give our own meaning and measurements to love. 

 We look at what people do and interpret how much they love us or not.  If someone says they love us we use those words as evidence.

In love there is no such thing like evidence, infact love is heart felt, and actions at times just help to emphasize what a person feels for the other.

When it comes to love, people have always judged it by actions which are rather undermining love.

“I confirm that the guy loves me depending on the number of times he calls me on a daily basis,” says Prisca Abatoni.

Like many other girls, when her boyfriend misses calling her it assures her of how less loving he has become. Many of us have gone an extra mile to force people to say how much they love us.

Little do we forget that love is more than what a person says or does for a beloved one. Infact it’s often said that people who put more action in love are the ones that inmost cases don’t mean what they say!

In other words there are people out there that are not hurt by saying what someone wants to hear. We have all heard of “smooth operators” and with smooth operators, they will treat you like a princess or prince until they get what they want and then quit.

Though it’s always said that actions speak louder than words, with love its quite hard to be sure about who loves you depending on their actions or words.

When it comes to promises and actions. Many have promised heaven to lovers only to be shocked when they endup in hell! And if love is to be shown by actions and words, then how about the silent and humble characters. Does it mean they don’t have any love in them?

And does it mean that if love doesn’t become a routine song it doesn’t happen?

Indeed love that is judged by actions is doomed to failure because those actions probably attract many parties and incase of anything little, it will all be lost because the critics will be quite many.

On the other hand your lover will love you for what you do other than who you are.

“There is this girl I could always give gifts; the last gift I gave her was a flat screen. When I lost my job and had nothing to offer anymore, she dumped me saying I never cared anymore,” says Denis Kwibuka.

Sure you can offer that rose flower, those gifts or even tell your beloved ones how much you love them but this isn’t a guarantee that you truly love them.

Always reach out for those few opportunities that will show your spouse how much you care other than showering them with gifts and words.

You know it really bores to expect being told how much you are loved or to remind someone how much you love them! It’s as if they are kids who can never get it in their heads.

There are thousands of things that can show people that you love and think about them! It might be standing by them during hard times or even the way you associate with them or handle issues.

In anycase, too many symbols are at times misinterpreted for showing off or forcing relationships.

Love truthfully and everything will go your way, after all love has no measure so if you let symbols measure how much you love each other them your love is limited.