RELATIONSHIPS:Money is trouble in relationships

I hope you will bear with me when I say love exists alongside a financial arm.

I hope you will bear with me when I say love exists alongside a financial arm.

To make the point clear, the first time you take out the one you love, a drink, the call to effect the appointment, means to the meeting place, all requires cash.

Based on how money makes everything smooth at that particular moment, it may beat some people’s understanding when I refer to it as a trouble.

For love starter’s, people need to fully understand and know each other. To be sure which kind of person he or she is dating.

In the process, many questions will arise and among them will be where one stays, employment, level of education and many more depending on one’s interests.

Such questions in particular have made men to misunderstand brilliant women or ladies. Some believe that the questions are aimed at finding out their financial stand.

“Yes, women want to know how financially stable men are so that they can accept them. They want green pastures. I do not believe they have ‘genuine’ love where there is no money,” Henry Habyarimana, a business man, said. 

He argued that he knows this from experience having lost a girl friend when she realized he was not financially well off at the time.

He believes that with money, one is able to win a woman of his choice.

However, asking what a man does for a living, residence and so on is not with the aim to judge his financial stand so that a woman gives in.

Many rich men have failed to get the women they probably wished to be mothers of their children.

Alice Mbabazi, a teacher, said that such questions come-up as an introductory part between the partners. She explains that it’s better to know who the person coming into your life is.

“Money has nothing to do with love. Although it somehow contributes towards developing the relationship, the first thing is the feelings for someone.”

She said that even if men believe that their earnings can make women fall for them; it is not for personal gains. The lady may be having a bigger vision like marriage, so she looks far ahead about having a family and taking care of it.

“In case we have children, shall we be able to feed them or properly take care of them?” she asked adding that identification is very important for both parties.

As men and women interact, everyone is free to ask anything which he or she feels like. Even men ask many different questions as regards their interests. They also talk about residence, work, profession and many more.

In Rwanda, men are also after the woman with a job or a financial ‘future’. Of course, you might know the reasons already! Money and love…huh!