Draft land-dispute study completed

A draft of a study on land disputes in the country has been completed.

A draft of a study on land disputes in the country has been completed.

The study is to act as a basis for finding modes of resolving land conflicts in the country.
The study, carried out by a Belgian non-government organisation RCN Justice & Democratie and funded by the Belgium government, was carried out as a result of number of land issues emerging.

According to Marco Lankharst, one of the researchers from the University of Amsterdam, the study included an assessment of how land disputes are currently solved.

It is believed that a number of land cases have emerged since 1994 when many documents were lost.

“The report will form a system of laws of resolving land disputes and also raise awareness of land laws of inheritance,” he continued.

Lankharst explained that because of limited time and resources, the study was carried out in four provinces and four districts by sampling.

He said the study was carried out through interviews and analysis of land court sessions.
Moctar Al Housseinou, the country coordinator of RCN, said the report is bound to undergo amendments after recommendations from stakeholders before it is presented to relevant institutions to act accordingly.

The final report that is expected to be out in three months from now will be translated into three languages; English, French and Kinyarwanda.