Eating out : City Valley Motel: the travellers’ choice

City Valley Motel is the choice to many travellers within the region using the Nyabugogo transport park.

City Valley Motel is the choice to many travellers within the region using the Nyabugogo transport park.

Located in a distance of approximately 200 metres away from the park towards Kacyiru, the motel has a luxurious look and poses a comfortable place for travellers to dine, wine and slumber.

One of the striking features of this motel is the creativity of the architect and designer who denied it the look of traditional buildings.

It has the main block facing the road and several other smaller structures that complete the aesthetic design.

Between these buildings is a beautifully well kept lawn that welcomes visitors to the motel.

On the right is the Bar that sits more than fifty people, with stools which offer an exceptionally comfortable sitting to customers as they guzzle themselves.

Besides the bar, the smaller building also houses the restaurant with enough space to sit more than sixty people.

Food served:

If you are into traditional food, then this is the place for you. The restaurant has a specially prepared traditional lunch buffet that includes Matooke, sweet potatoes, Irish potatoes, posho, g-nuts, and rice served with a mixture of chicken, goat’s meat, beans and vegetables. Serving time is between 12:00 until late afternoon.

Beverages and bar service:

The bar is not so frequented during afternoon hours but as evening approaches, luxurious cars are driven into the spacious parking space that is a stone throw away from the main entrance.

The bar is well stocked with different beverages composed of beers, hard liquors, wines, spirits and a variety of soft drinks.

During the premier league of European football and Confederation African Football cup, more fans feel attracted to the bar than often, though an extra fee of Frw300 is charged for customers to watch their favourite teams. African tea and coffee are available at any time of the day.

The staff:

They are at the service of the guests. This is offered with a pleasant smile and helpful attitude.

The workers at the bar seem to be the most efficient with the way they take orders and deliver services. The bar man is ever vibrant and eager to serve the customers, taking and delivering orders in just a flash.

Room service:

The motel offers lodging facilities to travellers. Visitors are treated to self-contained suites with television sets connected to the Digital Satellite Television.

The double rooms have balconies overlooking the inside lawn where guests are served breakfast after their long night slumber.

The clientele:

The motel is mostly frequented by travellers from Uganda and Burundi commuting through Nyabugogo bus/taxi Park. Tourists from the western continental blocs frequent the place due to its unique services.

A good number of people looking for private rest rooms around Kigali prefer this motel because of easy access to transport services.


They are sparklingly clean with running water. These add to the motel’s general good ambience.


To enjoy the buffet you will have to part with Frw2000 while brochette fans part with Frw500 for a well seasoned stick. A glass of red wine, King fisher and a tot of Black Label each go for Frw2000.

Executive lodging goes for Frw15000 including breakfast, whereas ordinary rooms go for Frw12000 but with a different count for breakfast.

Manager’s comment:

The motel is ideal for people especially travellers because it operates twenty four hours a day in addition to quality and prompt services offered at the motel, said Faustin Kashagera, the Managing Director and proprietor of City Valley Motel.