Gossip : Have you heard?

Word has it that the 2006 PAM Awards nominations have been officially announced and only a few Rwandan artists have been nominated to participate in the forth coming best Awards competition slated for ………in Kampala, Uganda.

Word has it that the 2006 PAM Awards nominations have been officially announced and only a few Rwandan artists have been nominated to participate in the forth coming best Awards competition slated for ………….in Kampala, Uganda.

Also our scouts say some Rwandan artistes boycotted the “2007 East African Best Music Award” claiming that the Board was characterized of segregations and biasness about Rwandan artists.

But news reaching us, has it that some of these artists are now expressing their anger and regrets to the nominators for not have been nominated for the “2008 PAM Awards”.

Here, our scouts have revealed the nominees who are set for the “2008 PAM Awards” include:

Best Male Artist- Rwanda

Big Dom, Faycal, Mako Nikoshwa, Rafiki

Best Female Artiste- Rwanda

Miss JoJo, Miss Channel

Queen Ally, Sandra Karigirwa

Best Band group- Rwanda

Family Squad, Holy Jah Doves, KGB Group, SKC

Meanwhile, Queen Ally told our snoops the nominations were pretty fair, and that unlike some of her fellow artists, she was not surprised to be nominated, since it was not her first time to participate in PAM Awards.

“At this level, I’m not looking at being nominated in the PAM Awards, but I’m trying to figure out on how I can improve my music and make it professional.”

PL opposition group likely to lose seats in Parliament

Two Parliamentarians are likely to loose their seats from Parliament. Word on street has learnt.

Israel Murashi and Elly Ngirabakunzi may be relieved of their duties due to accusations for antagonizing Liberal Party (PL) programmes, led by the Minister of Commerce, Industry, Investment Promotion, Tourism and Cooperatives, and Party president Protais Mitali.

According to our scouts, Gatete Polycap, a famous businessman who owns a construction company, the one actually constructing the Supreme Court, and also a Member of Parliament is allegedly accused to have masterminded a coalition group with the duo, which is meant to foe PL party.

The coalition group has appealed that, the PL elections were unfair and corrupted, and accusing Mitali of being incapable of leading the party.

It has come to our know that the coalition group has been given several warming letters to stop destroying the party but they have turned to a deaf ear.

However, the ruling party, RPF has not come out or confronted the issue for un known reasons.

Today, the National Executive Committee of PL is assessing the fate for these three controversial MPs.

Amavubi’s Head Coach in hot water

Romour has it that the German born International Amavubi Stars’ team Head Coach, Michael Nees, may be on the verge of being sacked from his office.

Ngo! The key reason behind his kick out is due to his fail to lead the national team to Ghana finals next year.

Given his recent appointment as the Head Coach in August last year, Nees was expected to lead the national team to the finals of the lucrative continental championship due to take place in Ghana next year.

After having signed the contract, the former failed to achieve maximum points in group five qualifiers of the 2008 Nations’ Cup.

Meanwhile, despite of the allegations, our scouts have it that Nees aided Amavubi Stars’ team to capture the third position in group five with six points while the leaders
had fifteen points from possible 18 points.

Nees lost his first qualifier to Cameroon in the 3-0 demolition at Amahoro stadium.

Now, matters worsened when the Liberia’s Lone Stars hammered our national team 3-2, thus stopping our chances of participating 2008 Nations’ Cup in Ghana.

So after failing to lead to the expectations, Ngo! Nees is going to face his own cross. So, let’s wait and see who will redeem the national team “Amavubi stars” from this horrible defeat.

Director in sex scandal

Information reaching scouts says that the Director of one of the communication and delivery body is having a hard time of his life after caught red handed defiling a senior three student in a lodge during day time.

The sex Director who is in his early 60’s went with a young girl (names with held) in one of the famous hotels in Kigali town, known as Sky Hotel.

The pair booked room no. 220. But our scouts revealed to us that, the school girl alerted two gentlemen about the incident, of whom she had promised to share with “Big Papa’s hard coins”.

Like any clever bird on a prey, she never locked the door, and instead flashed the gentleman who shortly invaded into the room and instantly captured photos of the pair while completely nude.

The gentlemen, who pretended to be policemen, caught the Director unawares, as he pleaded to offer anything, if they could sell to him all the photos.

Our scouts have learnt that the gentlemen and girl have now pocketed about Frw 5M and more negotiations to sell the photos to him are still going on.

Meanwhile, the troubled Director has been seen in Kigali’s hide outs trying to bargain with one of the prominent lawyers in town to see to it that the dust settles.

According to our scouts they are busy working around the clock to stop any flow of scandalous information to media houses. Watch this space.