Gossip: Have you heard?

 I am committed to my promise - Tycoon Radio Ten (87.6FM) proprietor Eugene Nyagahene refutes allegations that he has failed to start a TV station like our snoops said.

 I am committed to my promise - Tycoon

Radio Ten (87.6FM) proprietor Eugene Nyagahene refutes allegations that he has failed to start a TV station like our snoops said.

“The TV venture has just not set and that doesn’t mean I am swapping it with the Casino.

 The Casino project started far back, and it will also be developed, only that I still have a few stumbling blocks,” Nyagahene told one paparazzi.

Nyagahene is also the Chairman and a shareholder of several private corporate bodies in Rwanda and Burundi, including LOTTO Rwanda and Kigali City Park.

He said although the promise has taken a little bit long to be restored, it will soon come to reality.

 According to the tycoon, the technical side of the project is settled, and he’s now working on the human resource power. Watch this space!!

Coga Style to release video

Rafic, a.k.a Coga Style [stage name], is working on his video, which will be called “Igikobwa,” literally meaning “dishonest girl.”

Coga Style says the video will be released soon.

Coga Style is dissatisfied by corporate organisations who hire expensive foreign artists to perform during big events, thus ignoring the Rwandan artists.

“It’s really a shame to see many of our own companies investing a lot of money in foreign musicians, as if there are no artistes in the country, yet none of those countries ever hire Rwandan artists to perform.”

Coga however, is grateful with MTN Rwanda that has stopped investing in foreign musicians, promoting young talent in the counrty.

I’m not a judge, but I have a right to defend my husband

Blood is thicker than water, they say.

The senior pastor of Shinning Light Church, Jolly Murenzi, has refuted the recent sexual accusations reported against her husband and the church assistant pastor, Charles Murenzi.

Our snoops say, the pastor who sounded so bitter and furious questioned that if at all her husband committed the crime, then how come the victim never filed the case in time to the concerned authorities.

“I really don’t think that The New Times was the best place to report the case in question, but instead to the police or the appropriate court.”

The Pastor stressed her point that she will stay firm and defend her husband, because as far as she knows, he is not guilty.

Young Lion Dee promoting patriotism!

The Caribbean-based Rwandan reggae musician and song writer, Lion Dee is proud to be Rwandan and is back to his roots.

One of our snoops ran in to him on Wednesday. He says “I love my country Rwanda, and I will never forget my roots.

Thus, I’m planning to stay for good and continue with my music from here.”

The styled and social teenager, who loves to dress like Rastafarians encourages Rwandans to love their country and work towards development.

 “Rwanda has a rich culture and excellent music.

So, I’m going to create a unification of our music to the Caribbean, since theirs is also superb, and I’m pretty sure that the result will be great!” told the snoop.

Papito to produce video

Videos are very popular in Rwanda of late!

Could it be one of the strategies to promote local music, watch this space.

Rwanda’s singer and songwriter, Papito Abdul Habibu based in Uganda, is currently working on the video called “Tuvekumuhanda” for the Family Squad (a local music  group).

The video dejects the culture of idleness and disorderly, mostly in Kigali city, as well restoring children from the street.

Meanwhile, rumour has it that the vocalist recently signed a partnership with Ezra Kwizera, the founder and manager of “Narrow Road Production,” and it seems to many that Papito wants to concentrate on his businesses in the country.