Who is to blame for the Miss Rwanda mess?

Editor, ALLOW ME to react to the article, “Miss Rwanda: The untold story behind the glittering crown” (The New Times, July 18).
Miss Rwanda 2014 Colombe Akiwacu. File.
Miss Rwanda 2014 Colombe Akiwacu. File.


ALLOW ME to react to the article, “Miss Rwanda: The untold story behind the glittering crown” (The New Times, July 18).

Miss Rwanda Colombe Akiwacu is justified to say that she is not well catered for. Besides, this Miss Rwanda concept is a copied and imported trend with no idea of how it can help advance the Rwandan society.

I wonder if the Ministry of Sports and Culture (Minispoc) evaluates if the intended goals of the Miss Rwanda have been/will be realised. 

While I encourage the pageant, Minispoc should do more to educate the contestants that it is Miss Rwanda’s duty to advocate for means to fulfill promises made to Rwandans.

Otherwise, Miss Akiwacu did not know what she was going to do.  How can she bother her parents to fund projects that are not for the family? Is it their business any way?

Let her make projects and present them to private organisations if at all she can. All over the world the beauty pageant contests are run by private entities (that is why it has succeeded in other countries). I think Minispoc should privatise the event.

Emmanuel Mulisa, Rwanda


FROM THIS story, I can’t help but wonder: Has this been the case with former Miss Rwanda beauty queens? Did they go through the same frustration?

Secondly, I think Miss Colombe Akiwacu is having personal misunderstandings with her manager. Third, I have some advice for Miss Rwanda: Young lady, if I were you, I would put my brain to use and learn to run my things. It’s absurd to learn that you can miss international events because your manager did not do his job.

Finally, Miss Akiwacu should get a clear picture of what she should expect, from what I read, she seems to expect much more than what is available.

Mutesi, Rwanda


WHAT A shame to Minispoc and the whole organising crew! First of all what is the manager still doing in his office? He needs to resign immediately. As Rwandans we cannot stand such shame at this moment.

How can a fully crowned Miss Rwanda not be able to travel in time, due to unready travel documents? She represents Rwandans within and outside the country, and now she has been turned into a stranger by her own.

CK, Netherlands


I PERSONALLY think the organisers of this project should next time be more prepared before they start the organization of the event.

 It seems that the Rwandan beauty queen is facing various problems because of poor planning by the organisers.

It is really not right to give a second hand car to the beauty queen of a country like Rwanda, with one of the highest development rates in Africa. What kind of example are we sending out?

Kayitesi Keza, United States



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