Police warn residents on drug, child abuse

Local authorities in Eastern Province have intensified a campaign against people dealing in illicit drugs in the area.

Local authorities in Eastern Province have intensified a campaign against people dealing in illicit drugs in the area.

This follows the arrest of three men carrying unspecified kilogrammes of marijuana and litres of Kanyanga in Gatsibo District over the weekend.

The arrest follows cases of increased drug abuse and trafficking in the area over the last two months.

“We have arrested some culprits and we shall continue to be vigilant. It is our duty to protect society from the ills caused by drugs,” said Senior Superintendent Benoit Nsengiyunva, Eastern Region Police spokesperson.

Ambrose Ruboneza, the district mayor, cautioned residents against drug abuse, saying that drugs do not only endanger their health, but are also a threat to society as they often result into other crimes. 

He encouraged residents to partner with the police to arrest those involved.

Citing domestic violence, rape and fighting, the mayor said most of the crimes being committed in the area were linked to drug abuse.

The drugs, he said, are reportedly bought from local brewers in the region and enter the country through porous borders.

“Most crimes are a result of drug abuse.Some unruly men and women abuse drugs and end up commiting  crime. The law will catch up with such people,” he said.

A survey conducted by the Ministry of Youth and ICT revealed that 52.5 per cent of the youth in Rwanda have at least once taken drugs, and 92.7 per cent of that group kept on consuming them.

Meanwhile, a newborn baby was on Sunday found dumped in a kitchen in a slum in Nyakarambi town in Kirehe District. The body was discovered by a passerby who was heading to work in the  morning. 

The Police spokesperson said the police found the baby alive, adding that it was still wrapped in clothes. 

He said no one had so far been arrested  arrested in connection with the incident. He called on any one with information regarding the baby to report to police.

SSP Nsengiyunva noted that dumping of babies was on the rise. 

“We took the baby to Kirehe Hospital where medics ascertained that it was still alive,” he said.      

He appealed to young mothers to go to any of the local offices for help in case they get desperate during pregnancy.

According to a recent Ministry of Health study, about 47 per cent of pregnancies in Rwanda are said to be unintended.