Dear editor,We are writing in reference to your letter dated 2nd February 2009 from Tony Byiringiro (issue number 1716).

Dear editor,
We are writing in reference to your letter dated 2nd February 2009 from Tony Byiringiro (issue number 1716).

The entire management of ECOBANK would like to thank you for your support and valuable feedback and would also wish to sincerely apologize to the said valuable customer for his experience during his visit to the bank.

As a bank we shall continue to strive to provide our customers with the ECOBANK experience; however, it appears in this particular incident there was a miscommunication in the events mentioned, hence our valued customer not having the complete ECOBANK experience.

After a thorough investigation into the matter, we realized that there was a breakdown of communication between both parties and hence the unpleasant outcome.

It is with great pleasure that we would like to inform you that the said issue has since been resolved.

We would like to take this opportunity to restate that granting  loans is one of  the  numerous services offered by ECOBANK to its valued clientele.

ECOBANK operates a three initial   system and is adequately equipped with modern communication tools to facilitate loan approvals even in the absence of one or more officials from the country.

It is also important to point out that the speed of loan approvals is also dependent upon the provision of the required information and security documentation by the client.

We are constantly looking out for various ways of improving service delivery including loan processing to ensure that our clients enjoy the very best of service from the bank.

We again wish to thank you for your valuable feedback and welcome any suggestions that will help us improve service delivery not only for credit facilities but other banking services.

Suggestions and Complaints can be sent via or visit to our customer service quality unit at our Head Office Branch.

Relevant and valuable feedback is always welcome in our effort to offer our valued customer convenient, reliable and accessible services.


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