Who will save tenants?

It’s outrageous to hear what landlords are doing to their tenants, especially in the areas of Remera-Kabeza. They are ripping the poor tenants off their money by charging them Frw40, 000 for one-roomed house.

Tenants are charged an additional Frw10, 000 for electricity and water; on top of that, they are restricted from ironing and playing music, or use of electronics. As if that is not stressful enough, use of electricity is rationalised. For instance, electricity is switched on from 7:00p.m up to 10:30p.m. Failure to abide by the rules and regulations, one is immediately asked to quit the house.

Some of these landlords do not show their tenants the electricity bills, and if you query the amount, you are asked to leave. Honestly, this is unfair and total exploitation. Is there any office one can appeal to?   


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