Historic runway to change

We knew the day would come and when it did, we were not disappointed. Obama was finally inaugurated as the 44th president of the United State of America.
Michelle Obama - Building careers for upcoming fashion designers.
Michelle Obama - Building careers for upcoming fashion designers.

We knew the day would come and when it did, we were not disappointed. Obama was finally inaugurated as the 44th president of the United State of America.

First things first, he is the first black president; secondly he’s a great orator so the speech would definitely be remarkable-and it was-but what we were holding our breaths for was the historical ‘runway’ to change.  What fashion statements would be made on this day?

We know Mrs. Obama is not only intelligent she is also a remarkable fashion queen. And she has enticed us with great colour coordination for her family all through the campaign season America’s new first lady put the fashion world on notice from the very beginning of her husband’s career.

Michelle Obama has been compared to Jacqueline Kennedy, the last first lady to so thoroughly embrace style. After months of speculation and guessing we now know who designed the inauguration ball gown Jason Wu won.

Wu, 26, was born in Taiwan and works in Manhattan. Mrs Obama chose to be dressed by an upcoming designer making him a household name overnight.

President Obama attended the ball marathon with a white silk ivory bow tie that J. Crew designed for him, with high-end silk not even sold in their stores.

Michelle was stunning in a one-shoulder, white, Grecian-style an elaborate, floor-length white chiffon gown—fairy-like, filled with ruffles and sparkles.

Estimated cost - 3,500 dollars. No matter what critics think about the dress we already know how her husband feels.

When the couple entered the Neighborhood Ball, President Barack Obama announced, “First of all, how good-looking is my wife?”

As for the new president, he looked presidential at the inauguration in a dark suit, red tie and white shirt, topped by an overcoat.

Earlier that day for the swearing-in ceremony, ‘Mrs. O’ chose a gold brocade suit by Isabel Toledo, a 20-year fashion veteran designer. She wore J. Crew olive gloves complementing her heels and elegantly intricate lemongrass dress.

She wore the ensemble with olive leather gloves and Jimmy Choo pumps that were a deeper, forest shade of green, “Her coat and dress made her look exceptional — and vaguely regal — as she stood holding Lincoln’s cranberry-hued Bible in her gloved hand as her husband took the oath of office” Comment Keren Eldad, fashion commentator at the Los Angeles Times
Mitchell has worn Toledo in the past.

In June, she wore a black outfit by the designer to a New York City fashion world fundraiser. The first lady’s fresh taste is building careers for upcoming fashion designers.

President Obama was somber in his dark overcoat with a tiny flag pin, white shirt, and red tie.

In the Obama family classy taste is definitely hereditary the new first daughters, Malia and Sasha, arrived to the swearing-in ceremony wearing beautiful bright coats with silk ribbons from J.Crew’s children’s line Crew cuts. And despite what was going on they looked adorably beautiful.

Sasha’s coat came in a soft and girly peachy pink, which she wore with an orange scarf and gloves.

Malia’s was bold and blue, paired with a more grown-up black scarf and black tights. Both replicated the elegance of their mother’s sparkly coat crew fashion was defiantly first line for the day, “It was an incredible honor to be part of history,” J. Crew’s creative director, Jenna Lyons said in an interview with CNN. 

The White house has opened doors for the entry of the new first family as the fashion world doors remain agape for Mitchell’s fashion surprises if this is a start the future can only be better.


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