Discuss better things in public

I want to convey my irritation over people who nose into other people’s business.
They spread gossip and concoct allegations about other people in public.
Honestly, I don’t find this sensible. I mean, how can human beings, expected to be wise and reasonable waste time engaging into unconstructive discussions.
My disappointment comes from the observation I made while on my way home from the office. 
I had boarded a taxi (Twegerane) and was in the back seat which was occupied by three other ladies. The ladies looked responsible and probably of high working class.
I joined them on the back seat. They started yapping at the top of their voice. They were discussing people, criticizing them one by one. They would criticize people from their physical appearance to brainpower. They forget that they were certainly not any better from the people they were criticizing.
Surely, often, people hurl all sorts of insults on their friends (or other people) in public, little knowing that the person may be known to others in the same taxi.
People fail to do their work or what they are expected to do, but instead spend most of the time discussing about other people’s lives.

Kalisa Kamanzi

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