Opinion leaders call for unity as Kabuye reappears in France

As Director of State Protocol Rose Kabuye travels back to France today, opinion leaders at various levels have given their take on the case.
L-R:  Fatuma Ndangiza, Mufti Swalleh Habimana.
L-R: Fatuma Ndangiza, Mufti Swalleh Habimana.

As Director of State Protocol Rose Kabuye travels back to France today, opinion leaders at various levels have given their take on the case.

Kabuye, whose travel to France was confirmed recently by information Minister Louise Mushikiwabo, has been in the country since Christmas Eve following the modification of her bail terms.

She will be making her appearance in court over the widely contested allegations that she played a role in the shooting down the plane that carried former president Juvenal Habyarimana.

Speaking to The New Times yesterday, the Minister of Gender and Family Promotion  Dr Jeanne D’Arc Mujawamariya piled her support on Kabuye and urged the Rwandan community to back her.

“As one of the institutions of government, we are concerned that arresting her was an abuse of justice not only against Rose but the whole Rwandan community,” Mujawamariya said.

She added: “All Rwandans should consider the trials she is going through and rally behind her because she is a hero.”

Kabuye’s arrest stem from indictments issued against several Rwandan officials who were part of the Rwandese Patriotic Army (RPA which stopped the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

Fatuma Ndangiza, the Executive Secretary of the National Unity and Reconciliation Commission (NURC) insists that the struggle continues and all Rwandans should be determined not undermine the Genocide.

“No one should be confused that shooting down the plane is what caused the Genocide as its causes date way back in 1959 during the colonial era. But even then, it is not Kabuye who shot it” Ndangiza said.

She emphasized that all Rwandans should be united to show the world that it is not proper to arrest those who stopped the Genocide while the perpetrators are free in Europe.

“The unity and solidarity among Rwandans is being put to test today and I am confident that if given a chance, Rose will prove her innocence,” Ndangiza observed.

Kabuye who was arrested in Germany in November last year chose to face the French courts to prove her innocence. 

Rwanda’s Mufti Sheikh Swaleh Habimana pledged prayers on behalf of the religious community and maximum support to Kabuye whom he called one of the most outstanding women of this country.

“Religious leaders across the country are praying for her and are charged with the responsibility to convince the whole world that Rose is innocent, because according to Islam, its criminal to release a terrorist,” Harerimana.

He insists that she should be acquitted to let her enjoy her life with family and friends as well as work for her country. He wondered how Kabuye could be allowed to share Christmas with her family yet she is considered a criminal.

“It is not allowed to bail out a terrorist so how come she was allowed to come back home and yet they claim she is culpable?” Habimana wondered.

“It is a clear indication therefore that she is innocent,” he concludes.

Servelien Sebasoni a seasoned journalist and analyst says the case is not only against her but the whole nation at large.

“What is clear is that the judge Jean Louis Bruguière accused Rwandan leaders under baseless claims and choosing not to keep her in jail is an indication that she is innocent,” Sebasoni said in an interview.

He added that despite the French having had the right to keep her imprisoned, the trust accorded to her in particular and Rwandans in general indicates that a civilized way to solve the issues is underway.


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