CoK winds up consultations on master plan

THE CITY OF KIgali (CoK) is in final stages of consulting residents about the Gasabo and Kicukiro Master Plans.

THE CITY OF KIgali (CoK) is in final stages of consulting residents about the Gasabo and Kicukiro Master Plans.

In a news briefing, yesterday, Vice Mayor in charge of Finance and Economic development, Alphonse Nizeyimana said consultation which was conducted across the city at the grass roots level,  is winding up.

The consultation, carried out at cell, village and sector level has garnered about  90 per cent feedback of the targeted public.

The campaign, which started in August last year, was aimed at including the public’s views on their take of the master plan especially since the plan would affect the public directly.

“This master plan is a gradual process; it includes the environmental aspect, where we will plant forests, where we will set up commercial buildings, residences and so forth. Therefore, this will affect the public directly. That is why we need their feedback,” he said.

The Master Plan project is a comprehensive long term plan drawn up by the city to guide the growth and development of the city.

“Kigali has approximately 1.1 million people living in it, as per the 2012 population census. Fifty per cent of the land in Kigali is inhabitable due to various reasons, most of them environmental,” Nizeyimana said.

“The other 50 has 20 per cent used for public infrastructure like roads, 17 per cent has already been constructed on, so it is up to us to utilise the 13 per cent that is left for commercial and residential purposes. That is why we have been asking the public their ideas about the Master plan.”

Rent to Own scheme

At the news conference, he addressed a few of the concerns that were brought to CoK’s notice as a result of the consultation. Among the biggest issues was the rising cost of rent and the affordability of houses in the future.

Nizeyimana said the issue was addressed through the Rent to Own scheme that was being developed alongside the Master Plan. That way, someone who rented a house for 20 to 30 years could own the house.

Also, the new houses that the Council, in collaboration with Rwanda Social Security Board (RSSB) and Rwanda Development Bank (BRD) is building in areas like Batsinda and Kinyinya, are to be made affordable at Rfw15 million to Rfw30 million.

“Our goal is that by 2040,  70 per cent of the people living in Kigali should own their own houses.”

The Master Plan will be presented in its final version in May. The final consultation period will last two weeks having started March 3.

Nizeyimana, however, noted that the master plan is a process that will be implemented gradually.

“No one will be evicted overnight. As is obvious in previous cases, we give enough time within which to relocate,” he said.

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