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‘A show that nearly flopped’ Carnival Nite was brought back to Kigali last Friday, thanks to Royale Villas’ corporate way of giving back to its clients.

‘A show that nearly flopped’

Carnival Nite was brought back to Kigali last Friday, thanks to Royale Villas’ corporate way of giving back to its clients.

Royale Villas is a new modern hotel is located on the top of Nyarutarama Hill, the prime luxury residential area, with a wonderful view of Kigali’s surrounding physical features. However, the Carnival Nite which was scheduled to kick-off from 9pm until dawn was delayed for three solid hours.

Inside the place, one couldn’t really get the feeling of the Carnival Nite. The entire place was deserted with a big flat screen outside the swimming poolside. But it felt kind of like you’re watching music programme on TV.

At around 10:30, a few people started trickling in. The place was still relaxed. A few people seated outside, and others walking around the hotel; as they were on an investigative task, or merely touring the hotel.

Could it have been the African concept of time mismanagement, expensiveness of the show, or people simply wanted to take their time and come in later?

Anyway, what was clear is that the show nearly flopped, despite of its massive advertisements in the media and corporate organisation.

Probably the costs also supplemented. The entrance fee was Rwf10,000 and the cheapest item (a bottle of mineral water) cashed Rwf1,000, and the rest ranged from Rfw5000 and more.

Initially, the Black Zungu Band, a local music band that entertained a few people who were around.

And by 11, the atmosphere was fairly calm until a few minutes later when recorded music was played. Soon, the place got jammed and it been very crowded, a variety of drinks started overflowing, as people resorted to booze as a consolation.

Buffet and meat of all sorts (wild and domestic meat), was also served on order. Soon than later, East African’s best female DJ claimed the Nite.

DJ Rachael quietly jumped on the stage, and quickly sorted out her favourite music selections, which she soon started playing. Her sense of music selection had the large crowd simply enchanted keeping them dancing and singing along with her.

Thanks to DJ Rachael for saving the management of Royale Villas from embarrassment!

Clad in a sleeveless top and design cap, the talented DJ sent revellers crazy, as they abandoned their seats and danced themselves almost half-lame. The night soon became truly amazing, the whiz DJ sent the crowds cheering and screaming for more.

The atmosphere changed drastically, and evening was recognised with total excitement. Girls soon introduced their naughty belly dances, as they screamed to their lungs.

Normally, with belly dances, or extreme excitements, some people can easily loose their senses. No doubt, it was a Carnival Nite and in the last mad moments of this night; a fine guy at the bar’s counter gazed at me, and then requested to be my partner.

The dress code of the Nite was: “Dress to hunt or to be hunted!” This was noticed from the entrance, as people were dressed as if they were on a fashion show competition. No wonder, a fellow was honest enough to admit that she couldn’t attend to the show because she didn’t have a flattery dress.


Royale Villas is a place for people with the finest taste in all kinds of music, drinks and edibles. Carnival Nite was a must attend to. Everyone, young, old, VIP and ordinary, got onto their feet, singing and dancing. The show was worth every penny they paid.

The seating arrangement was set in a way that while you engage in an intimated conversation with your company, there is no fear of eavesdropping. There was also a sufficient space for you to relax as you chat with partner, while at the same time enjoying the music.

There were all sorts of fashion designs, different dancing styles, beauties and hunkers, laughter, drinks of all kind, different types of meat, to mention but a few. The bar was stocked with premium drinks ready to quench the thirst of the busy revellers.


DJ Rachael never disappointed anyone. Her music selection is amazing, she played the best music in hip hop, dancehall, RnB, Afro-reggae, pop, Bongo flava, salsa, and Latin Rhumba, that’s the music that DJ Rachael started with.

However, finest because I don’t expect music like the: Julio Iglesias’ Bambolero, Carlos Santana’s Smooth or Cher’s Dove lamore in the Carnival Nite, but this seemed to on the list of her favourites.

Bad Points

The checking of clients at the entrance was extremely tough, especially to those who were dropped by motorcycles, or special hires.

The DJ’s box was so high and this gave her the license to play any music she chose as she looked down on dancers as if she was the God!’


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